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First recommended synth is Genesis CM, created by Ummet Ozcan. It's available exclusively with every issue (among with ~ 40 other plugins) of Computer Music Magazine (since issue 127), which costs 5.99 pounds. But it's really worth - the quality is as good as commercial VSTI's.

At the beginning, it may look not that great - it has only 2 oscillators, 2 lfos, reverb, delay - standard stuff. But it's not about the numbers. The sound this plugin produces is really massive - the author certainly knows a lot about sound design :)



*2 Oscillators with standard waveshapes sine, saw, triangle, pulse, white noise and pink noise.
*Mix balance between osc 1 & 2, transpose options in octaves en semi tones,PW control,portamento
*Voice seperate mode, seperate total voices of each oscillator to play in dual layers in octaves & semi notes


* Total voice options, Quad mode/4 voices or Full mode/22 voices (that's the best feature) for each oscillator, play up to 176 voices simoultaneously
* Detune options, Fine tuning, voice output controls, stereo/mono output option
* Fm function to modulate oscillator 2 with oscillator 1


* Each oscillator has its own amp envelope, adsr link option to link adsr 1 with adsr 2
* Adsr 3 extra mod envelope selectable to different destinations osc 1/2 or both pitch, FM amount ,Detune amount, LFO 1 speed and Filter/Sequencer


* Dual filters, each oscillator has its own filter, PHS, LP, HP and BP, link option to link filter 1 and 2
* Extra filter options chorus effect with depth en frequency controls


* 2 LFOS with basic waveshapes and selectable to different destinations, cutoff of either or both filters,pitch of either or both oscillators, FM level, PW amount, Detune and Amplitude
* Phase control, Tempo sync, Trigger options, Sync to sequencer


* Build in Reverb & Delay fx with color controls
* Build in Phaser fx selectable 5 stages
* Build in Distortion with 3 types soft, medium and hard
* Extra modulator also useable as a Chorus fx or Crusher


* Filter controlled step sequencer controlled from adsr 3, 8 steps with 36-/36+ semi tone controls for each oscillator & glide amount for each osc

More info: http://www.mikemadera.com/ummet/ummo/public_html/cms/

In this demo you can hear the sound of Genesis CM:


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