Synth Britannia - 1:30h video

Depeche Mode, OMD, Pet Shop Boys - Synth Pop generation documentary Watch

15 interesting synths

Virtual synths that somehow went under the radar Read article

NI Kontakt instruments

Free and affordable NI Kontakt libraries Read more

Sylenth EDM Soundset

165 modern presets, created by me, for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth. Visit

400 Modern presets for V-Station

Tons of presets that will bring a new life to the Novation V-Station synth Visit

Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 presets

155 Synth / lead and bass presets inspired by many modern electronica genres. Visit

Free Organ synths / samples

Best, free organ synths / multisamples Read more

Soft Synths released in 2011

Interesting soft synths released in 2011 Read more

Free String Machine vsts

Freeware String Machine plugins Read more

Prime Loops Free Video / Pdf Tutorials

Prime Loops supply thousands of royalty free loops and samples for the producers. Of course they're nice but that's not what i was going to write about :) Prime Loops also provide section called Studio Techniques where you can find absolutely free video tutorials created by their expert Nick Maxwell.

Video tutorials list:

1. FL Studio
* Using EQ and Compression on Your Beats
* Making a Hip Hop Beat
2. Reason
* Reverb Bass Effects
* Electro, Breaks & Tech Bass Distortion Techniques Vol 1
* Spider Tech House Drum Loops
* Combinator Autofilter Effects
* Dubstep Production Techniques Vol 1
* Making Dirty South Beats with Loops
3. Ableton
* Creating Atmospherics Using the Arpeggiator
* Sidechain Autofilter Effects
* Automating Clip Playback
* Basic Use of Panning
* An Intro to Clip Envelope Modulation
* Exploring Arrange & Session Views
* Reverse Vocal Effect
* Using Sends & Returns
* Basic Sidechain Compression
* Using the Audio Effect Rack
* Using the Gate

You can watch the stream or you can directly download each video (mp4 format)
ps. There are also some nice tutorials / tips in PDF format


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