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Remote Zero SL - V-Station mapping

About a week ago, i decided to buy Novation Remote Zero SL controller. I have Novation Nocturn too but i needed more knobs :) Since tuesday, i've tried hard to configure my new toy - it wasn't as easy as Nocturn, but still quite intuitive. I picked Novation V-Station for tests because previously i had custom mapping in Nocturn and was wondering if i'll notice the difference.

Now i can tell you - i can see the difference (great LEDs) and i feel the difference :). I'm able to create presets without touching mouse, without wide screen monitor. V-Station seems like hardware now.

There's one downside - it took me about 5-6 hours to create my custom V-Station mapping. My goal was to create comfortable, intuitive mapping (mainly for creating new presets) - took me few iterations to complete my goal (entire mapping has four pages) but now im happy with the result. You can see the preview on the picture - it's heavy retouched (shows only half of the mapped first page + knobs values are hmm just random) but you can see ie. the naming convency and stuff. Probably the next one will be Synth1 mapping...

Download my custom mapping for Novation V-Station (for Novation Remote Zero SL Controller) - Novation V-Station Mapping

Note - little bit about naming convency, ie. let's analyze one row - there are 8 parameters: "% OSC1", Semi, Detune, Mod Env, Lfo 1, Pwm Pos, Pwm Lfo2, Pwm Env. % OSC1(% - percentage sign) means that this is OSC1 "row" - all parameter changes in that row will affect Oscillator 1. Thanks to this, i dont need to repeat "osc1" fraze all the time (ie. standard automapping would create such naming: osc1det, osc1Menv, osclfo1, oscPwP etc). I guess my way is better :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, your mapping is indeed very good. Mapping most parameters was a clever decision. Ive noticed that you prefer clean gui over less pages - thats a good thing :) I liked lfos + envelopes mapped on each page - i dont need to switch pages every time i want, for example, change adsr envelope. Good job.

Greeg said...

i am glad that you like it :) indeed LFOs and envelopes on every page (vstation doesnt have a biltion of knobs so it was absolutely doable) are quite comfortable solution.

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