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Greeg Genesis CM Soundset

Well, it's pretty late so it'll be short :) Here's my latest sound bank called - Greeg Genesis CM Soundset. It contains 49 presets (Basses, Leads, Pads, Sfx, Pluck sounds) for Genesis CM synth - mostly trance and "analogue" stuff. Genesis CM is exclusively available with every issue (since CM127) of Computer Music Magazine. You can find more info about Genesis CM here

Mp3 demo (no external fx used) shows mostly some trance patches but like I said - it's not 100 % trance soundset.

I've created the demo earlier, when the soundbank was ready in about 60 % (I prefer knobs tweaking rather than "create demo" part :) ). You can even hear some occasionally clicks here and there. I guess I'll have to create some additional mp3 demo soon :)

As usually, feel free to comment, request future sound banks - it's always nice to see that people actually care :)

Download: Greeg Genesis CM Soundset

update: the soundbank is now available at my private blog - feel free to visit it


Mark said...

Very nice sound bank. Thank you for making this available. I look forward to using these sounds!

Greeg said...

Thanks too :)

Anonymous said...

where do you set the polyphony on this synth? like playing2 notes simultaneously, am i just blind? ;<

good bank btw, thanks for it
are they all made from scratch or did you rebuild sounds from other synths?

Greeg said...

there's knob called: Portamento (Oscillators Section). Set it to minimum and you'll have polyphony :)

About presets. Genesis is pretty unique (thanks to 22v mode) so I guess all sound were made from scratch. I mean, every synth has usually at least one unique feature and it would be pretty tough (or maybe i should say boring :D) to rebuild sounds

Anonymous said...

thanks for the answer, i'm still learning my way through the beginnings of synthesizing my own sounds so every help is useful

for how long are you programming patches?

Anonymous said...

Hello Greeg!

It's a very nice soundbank!

But, What preset you used in the second sound (lead) in the mp3 demo?

I dont know...

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

pls help
is ti possible to control via cc genesis knobs?
if so, is there a cc map for genesis?

Τσιλιμίγκρας Ιωάννης said...

congratulations for your efforts!!!
as a newbie I have a question:

is it possible (in cubase sx with focusrite saffire le soundcard) to use the output of a midi channel as the input to a separate audio track, so the resulting audio can be recorded?

thanks in advance

ZenSafari said...
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Anonymous said...

How do you use soundbanks with genesis? the vst i have experience have an import function, but not this one

Greeg said...

Be sure to check your DAW - it should have and import option or something like that.

Yes, Genesis itself doesnt have a preset manager but like I said almost every DAW will let you to load fxp or fxb. Just google it, or read manual. FL Studio does it, Ableton too, and Im sure that Logic, Cubase also

Anonymous said...

Hi man.
Where is your bank for genesis, can you put the link here please.

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