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Greeg Minimogue VA Soundset

Minimogue VA (version 2.1) inspired me to create a new soundbank. It's called Greeg Minimogue VA Soundset (not so creative, i know ;) ). It contains 27 presets - suited for Electro, House, Electronica genres but you can also find some organs and harmonica sounds.

Well, i'm still learning about synth programming and i hope that i can improve a little bit more :) If you like my free presets and want to encourage me to do more of them - give me some feedback. Any kind of feedback is appreciated. If you have some requests about next sound bank (i'm leaning towards Genesis CM) - post comments :)

Mp3 Demo Preview was created using just one instance of Minimogue VA + some external drum loops and ocasionally some EQ'ing / Ping-Pong Delay (cos Minimogue doesn't have any of these effects).

Download: Greeg Minimogue VA Soundset

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androidlove said...

sounds awesome. the one synth demo is phat. thanks for patching one of my favorite synths

see you at kvr!

Anonymous said...

You´re doing a great job ! Don´t forget, being a professional means only you make a living with it; it´s no quality label.
IMO you make definitely quality !

Thanks Greeg,

Max el Belga... .. . ;-)

Greeg said...

thanks for the comments - it means a lot for me :)

Anonymous said...

hello, i like the sounds a lot, just one question:

why do you use minimogue va and not the luxus one?

ps. a sylenth1 soundbank would be awesome;)

thanks and good job

Greeg said...

hmm tough question. actually i don't remember - all I remember is that I was a little bit confused about naming - couldn't spot the differences etc. ;)

Yes, Sylenth1 soundbank would be awesome. Unfortunately I don't have it :| A friend of mine had Sylenth1 - for me it's best commercial sounding plugin for trance (and not only). It'll be first "big" plugin if I manage to save some cash (which doesn't happen often ;) )

Anonymous said...

ah ye, it's not thaat cheap but i love it:-)

thanks for this site my polish friend, i really like your sounds and writing and stuff you dig out from the web

keep on going

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