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Greeg Novation V-Station Free Soundset

Here it is, my first public released soundbank. It contains 16 Electronica / House / Electro Sounds for Novation V-Station softsynth.

To be honest, it was a quite tough lesson. I've learnt a lot not only about synth programming but also about overall process of creating soundbank :) Earlier, sure i had respect for all those synth programmers but strangely i thought that it's much less time consuming process. I didn't know that the more time you spend on synth programming, the better effect you want to reach. As a result you end up tweaking your sounds more and more :D Now i know that creating soundbanks is also about organizing your work / job / hobby :)

Here's the mp3 demo (no external effects used, only V-Station stuff):

If you like my patches then let me know about it. If you don't like - well, then contact me too :) The zip file contains soundset in fxb format.

edit. There was some error when loading soundBank (probably "automapped" plugin caused this) - anyway, i updated the zip file (+ included bank in mid format) - it should be fine now.

Download: Greeg Novation V-Station Soundset

Update: latest soundbank - 76 presets


Andrew said...

pretty nice presets...

Greeg said...

thx for the feedback - waiting for more :)

stefano said...

sound nice!
and thanks for sharing!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

please help me...

I think your synth1 trance essential set of 55 presets are = f A N T A S T I C = !! :-)

I can NOT download them from filtersweep.

I need to use them for a new project.
They are so great you have inspired me to write once again :-)

Thankyou for all the hard you have done making
these presets perfection....

Please tell me where i can get them

-- Onceagain, ThankYOU very much -- :-)

Dave Heath ENGLAND...


Greeg said...

well, these presets weren't my . Synth1 Trance Essentials was created by someone else (Coxy as far as i remember) at filtersweep.co.uk. Unfortunately, I don't have it too :| I guess that's a lesson for me, to backup as much stuff as I can ;)

Maybe someone will post this ?

Anonymous said...

>Thankyou Greeg for replying to me.<

Does anyone know where I can obtain the 55 presets of SYNTH1 TRANCE ESSENTIALS please?
cheers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I sended him a e-mail bij trance.nu but is still havend any reaction of him.

Can you tel us when you found this preset.



Greeg said...

I found it at trance.nu and I guess that's the problem ;) Googled for it but couldn't find it

jens fury said...

i think i downloaded it a while back, i'll check when i'm at home

Nikos said...

hopefully you have it at home.
and you will post it somewhere for downloading.



Phidel said...

here you are:


and remember to back up

Greeg said...

thanks for contribution. I'll update download link

Phidel said...


this is a place where i feel like sharing my little knowledge and stuff (as long as its legal), so if i can help you with stuff i will..

Niek said...

Super thank you for sharing!!!

I'm a happy man now!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to meet u, I like what ur doing. I'm Kris Ransom, a mostly Hip Hop emcee/producer and I just downloaded ur megapack for the V Station and will try it out soon. I would like to contact u or u can email me at spitflamez@gmail.com or Facebook or myspace me @ krisransom, thanks a lot-peace

Greeg said...

sure, you can contact me. just head to "about" page and there you'll find my email :)

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