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How to make simple trance lead in Genesis CM from scratch

Creating some classic trance lead in Genesis CM is very easy. The best thing about Genesis are Oscillator modes. Each oscillator has it's own specific mode. In my tutorial, OSC1 uses Full 22voices mode (quite similar to Unison knob in other synths) which is great for fat, detuned sounds. The OSC2 mode is set to Quad Mode - it produces thin, bright sounds.

By mixing OSC1 & OSC2 you can create sound that is fat, detuned but at the same time, pretty bright.

There's one thing I hate about Genesis CM - the way the knobs are turning. It took me far too long to just adjust knobs - especially setting EQ knobs was painful :) Ahh, almost forgot. To get the exact sound as on video add an external EQ and reduce the frequencies below 100 Hz and bump some (+ 2-3dB) around 4 kHz. At the beginning my plan was to completely omit Genesis CM Eq (the buttons are just too small) but then I changed my mind and decided to show at least some main EQ'ing in Genesis (unfortunately the quality of the video sound is not as high as it should be - Genesis sounds better than video ;) ).

Don't forget to check released Greeg Genesis CM Soundset (49 presets Sound Bank). You'll find there quite similar preset + other ones of course :)

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