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U-he Zebra CM

ZebraCM is quite heavily stripped version of great VST Plug-in U-he Zebra2 (which costs 199 $). It has less oscillators, lfos and all other stuff I can't count ;) Also the GUI is different - Zebra CM has classic analogue style design while Zebra2 is hmm more modern. But in the end - it doesn't really matter.

There are at least few types of freeware (and magware) plugins: bad ones ;), good for 1-10 % people interested in soft-synths (usually such synths can produce one certain sound nicely), good for specific genres (for example GenesisCM, commercial Sylenth are great for Trance genre) and good for everything. Zebra CM belongs to the last group - it's very flexible and can produce nice pads, basses, leads, sfx - just everything.

Zebra CM comes with around 140 presets and it has one benefit over Zebra2 - it's simplier :) There are much less tabs, screens and sometimes that's a good thing. After all, if you feel that you need more deep synth - you can buy Zebra2 :) Zebra CM is a magware - which means it's distributed with every issue of Computer Music Magazine (Since issue CM111). Probably I said similar sentence at least few times ;) but it's really worth to buy / subscribe at least one issue of Computer Music Magazine. Zebra CM is a must have.


Kaiyoti said...

Yah... ZebraCM is pretty awesome, but it's lacking some manuals and I personally like to design sounds knowing exactly what oscillator types they are... I'm terrible at picking things up with my ears.

Greeg said...

good point. definitely it lacks some manual. maybe this will help you (i guess it's not a problem, after all computer music 111 issue is pretty much unavailable now)


Kaiyoti said...

Wow, thanks. I never had that issue. :(

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been able to import presets to it? I found some online and want to use them.

.H2P files that is. Really appreciate it.

Bass Twistaz said...

there's manual for full version of Zebra online:
it covers everything (and more) what you need to know about Zebra CM.
you can import any presets but some of them will sound crappy due to limitations of CM version.

Greeg said...

thanks for the tip

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this plugin working as vst or au?

Greeg said...

it's available both as VST and AU :)

ps. in the blog entry description there is: "Related: Mac Available" - this means that plugin is generally offered by developer in AU version too (probably all plugins introduced on Vst Cafe are available for PC by default, so i dont have any special "tag" for it)

tim shaw said...

Does anyone have a download for the Zebra CM? I use to have it but I've just upgraded my computer and it didn't seem to migrate over.

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