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H. G. Fortune ProtoPlasm TSM (Free / Pro)

H.G. Fortune ProtoPlasm TSM synthesizer is best suited for athmospheres, drones, textures, vivid pads. One of it's special features is a very easy to handle modulation-system with 8 LFO/S&H-outputs plus adopted Transition system and unique Supermodulation (SMOD). There are even patternlike LFO-waveforms as modsources so you can do quite amazing and complex modulations with only very few settings.

More than 1200 patches is included with Pro version, while free version has 128 patches.

* three digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 150 different waveforms (96 in free version)
* each oscillator's level can be modulated by different sources
* adopted Transition System with 3 modes
* Super Modulation for osc. and both filters
* Filter-FM for both filters with adjustable sources from all osc.
* Shape function for S&H seed source
* one LP filter (24db Lowpass) with adjustable Boost and ADSR EG
* one HP filter (12db Hipass) with adjustable Boost and ADSR EG
* two shapeable LFO with patternlike waveforms (bpm-synced)
* one shapeable standard LFO (bpm-synced)
* one shapeable Sample & Hold with pattern (bpm-synced)
* each LFO and S&H provide an additional Mix-out for mixed LFO-shapes
* one ADSR EG for VCA
* adjustable level for direct, LP and HP output with separate pan each
* stereo-delay for PingPong effects (bpm-synced)
* User-Waves for oscillators via Wav / SF2 files - in free version there's only SF2 support for Osc1

Only within the registered Pro Version:
# 8 voices instead of 2, 150 internal waves, SF2 & wave loadable at each osc.!

Overall the quality of free version (even with only 2 voices) is very good. Well, this applies to most (all ? :) ) H.G.Fortune plug-ins. Every time I check H.G.Fortune stuff I have a feeling like I am testing not a standard VST Instrument but some kind of ... art :) Visit H.G.Fortune website, I'm sure you'll get similar feeling too.

About pro version - previously (well, pretty long time ago hehe) it costed around 30 EUR, now it's just 9 EUR - I smell vsti bargain :)

More info: http://www.hgf-synthesizer.de - mp3 media, demos

Download: H.G. Fortune ProtoPlasm TSM Free


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