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How to Make Nice Pad with Synapse Toxic II

In this 8 minutes tutorial, I would like to show you how to create some nice, warm, dreamy pad. Again, I use one of my favourite synths (and actually one of 3-4 commercial synths I only have ;) ) - Synapse Toxic II 2.5. No other external effects used - just limiter to avoid some very loud (and distorted) sounds.
At first, I activated all six Oscillators - my goal was to create some movement so I slightly fined / detuned some Oscillators. At the beginning, the movement is pretty big (especially OSC 4) but later, thanks to some effects, fm matrix it slightly fades.
I tried to use most of Toxic's tools such as: 1x LFO, Filter + Envelope, Amp Envelope, Unison, Chorus, Delay, EQ and FM Matrix. Even without FM Matrix the sound seemed nice but with FM Matrix you can reach the exact sound you want. Feel free to comment.


Phidel said...


can you do something like this for synth?
or a freware synth?

Nolan said...

Amazing pad!

dj alkay said...

were i find this vst free?

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