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How to Make Simple Progressive House Lead

This short, 6:25 minutes, tutorial shows how to create a simple, progressive house / electro / dance lead similar to sounds you can hear in Kaskade, Deadmau5, Fragma etc productions. I used Synapse Toxic II 2.5 vst instrument - great monster synth and overall very cheap compared to quality.

To be honest, tutorial is really nothing special :). Mostly it's about layering Oscillators with Saw wave, creating some chords (+7, +19 semi-tones). Then of course changing some envelopes, eq and FM matrix tool - maybe it doesn't show the full potential here but it's very powerful tool that can completely change the sound.

I used external reverb, ping-pong delay, some additional EQ and compressor (sidechain). Probably I'll post the screenshot soon but again, it's nothing special - unprocessed sound should be very similar. The overall sound quality of the video could be better (you can watch it in High Quality on YouTube) but i'm still learning creating such videos :)

Fell free to embed this video on your websites, blogs, etc.

ps. If you're registered user on vimeo.com you can download this video with the quality I recorded it (no youTube compression etc.) - http://vimeo.com/4101535 (28 MB avi Format)


jens_fury said...

very nice;D been trying to recreate taht sound with sylenth.
it's all in the chord choice

Pier said...

Great great blog and tutorial.. but what the hell does that EGF AMT does ? I'm using Propellerhead Reason 4's Thor :(

Greeg said...

EGF AMT just determines how hard the envelope will effect the filter. For example in V-Station "mod env" knob has similar meaning.

Djhanzo said...

Very Nice Blog Bro

Rachat de credit said...

Great advice on how to make simple progressive house lead . Very detailed and quite good recommendations. Many thanks

Greeg said...


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