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Internal Mixing of Dance Music

Now here's something amazing, unique and valuable :) First bachelor thesis - "Internal Mixing of Dance Music" completed by Sascha Galley (http://xash.at).

This bachelor thesis provides a general overview about mixing dance music primarily on a computer with the focus on digital audio workstations and plug-ins. To begin with, it describes the variety of tools that are available on the market and how to use and set up the studio equipment. Furthermore, the processing of audio files is explained and the target for the final product is set.

The next chapter focuses on the theory of mixing. It introduces the three dimensions of sound and how those are defined and used for the purpose of mixing. Moreover, it describes the most commonly applied filters and effects like equalizers, reverbs, and delays. Dynamics and its alteration with tools like compressors and limiters are also covered in this part of the thesis.

In the next chapter the practice and workflow of mixing from planning a soundstage to the final mix is described. It provides information about how to set up the digital audio workstation and how to adjust the mixer. Then it continues by explaining how to set the volume and panning position of each track correctly. After that it shows the procedure of editing single instruments and fitting them into the mix. Furthermore, an overview about automations is provided.

The last chapter deals with professional mix characteristics, final steps for the mixdown, and the preparation for the mastering process.
Very informative, well written thesis. Also you have an unique opportunity to find out how typical bachelor thesis looks in other countries :)

ps. If you want to use this thesis somehow, contact an author first and ask for permission.

Download: Internal Mixing of Dance Music by Sascha Galley


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