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Principles of Orchestration

Garritan Interactive "Principles of Orchestration" by Rimsky-Korsakov is a great serie of interactive articles based upon Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov's celebrated text. There are 26 lessons, each one contains amazing flash player plugin (example below) which will surely help you to understand the basic of orchestration. It's an amazing that people still do such guides / tutorials for free.
A well-crafted orchestration is a thing of beauty. It is important for a well-rounded musician to possess a basic knowledge of orchestration. Orchestration is essential for film scoring, composing for interactive games, backgound tracks, arranging, editing, critique, copying (notating), conducting, orchestral performance, score reading, teaching and many musical endeavors.

In this revised internet edition, we have attempted to remain faithful to the original translated text which was written nearly a century ago. In the original written text, the musical examples are referenced and provided in score form taken from Rimsky-Korsakov's own works, but what was lacking was the ability to hear the examples of his works.

In this Interactive Edition we have provided exactly that facility: score excerpts which allow the learner to simultaneously listen and visually follow. Starting with Lesson No. 1, there are some 275 audio enabled scores that are embedded within the relevant portions of the text. In a few cases a substitute or supplemental example was provided if it could better highlight what was being conveyed.

Many of the illustrations were taken from the classic text. We also replaced the complex "Rimsky-Korsakov algebra" with easily understood graphics and added various illustrations for clarification and color. Also, we supplemented the text with dozens of our own exercises to apply the principles and concepts that were taught.

More info: Garritan Interactive "Principles of Orchestration"


100F said...

amazing site you've got here...

i come here every day!

greets from mx!

john said...

Excellent link! I've always been interested in the process of orchestration but far to intimidated by it. This will help me immensely!

Greeg said...

I'm glad you like it :)

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