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Synth1 Presets MegaPack Vol.1

First Novation V-Station MegaPack collection, now it's time for Synth1. This MegaPack contains 670 presets (six soundbanks) - arps, leads, fx, bass sounds, just everything :) My favourite soundbank is Ouroboros Bank3 but others (some pretty old or I should say classic :) ) are very nice too. All credit goes to the authors - readme files are included in zip file.

Sample soundbank created by Rob "Lunatique" Chang:

Download: Synth1 Presets MegaPack Vol.1


Robert Wagendorfer said...

Thanks so much to the authors and to the VST Cafe! I like all soundbanks. What a power, variety and quality.

I.C.E. said...

Just discovered this synth and I am currently downloading it, having listened to an example of it on a youtube video it sounds awesome. It's reported to be an aproximation of the Nord Lead 2 something ive wanted for aaaages since I cant afford a real Nord

Anonymous said...

hi there........i saw this synthi in aktion today on youtbe and was totaly flashed by the faaaat sound. unusual for a plugin. than i found out that it s free an loadet it down. it works yeah...than uuups no presets at all ;-( . than i searched them and found your side and your presets here....very much and i am shure very good but i can t figure out where to put the in to be shown and usable in the plugin ;-) PLLLLEEEEEAAASEEEEE help me with this and i kiss your feets ;-)

nice blog by the way !!!!! perfekt for people like me always searching the next synthi and soundprocessing plugin for mastering and produktions......many many thanks in advance, all the best from berlin ,

oliver (here now all my contakt datas inkluding emailadress)

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DavidM said...

Excellent compilation. As old as it is, Synth 1 is a monster. It's like a classic Juno or Moog synth, it just can't die, not with presets like these.

Anonymous said...

To load presets open zipbank in synth 1 folder you will see two sub folders add to rydsound or create zip folder now open sythe 1 single clic on any of the two bank displays to the left you will see sub folders expand zipbank expand rydsound select one of the presets and clik on first sound in list done

Anonymous said...

AWESOMEE!! Thanks so much!

Jake said...


Anonymous said...

Synth 1 is tha shit, seriously, and all for free...I mean what do you want more...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just downloaded Synth 1 and all 3 Preset Megapack's. Can't say enough about it. I'm sure it will take hours for me to fully goof around with all of them, very excited. Thanks to all involved in the development of this tight plugin

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