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Elektrostudio Analog Pack Announcement

I'm proud to announce that I'm the new owner of Elektrostudio Analog Pack which includes 10 Virtual Synthesizers: Micromoon, Davosynth, esLine String Machine, Moon Sono SX, Ocet Rhytm Synth, ODsay, Or2V, Rhytmus Machine, Sixth Month June, Tapeotronic. You can find more info about the Pack here.

The version available few days ago is a test version that leaked somehow. Well, it would be released as freeware anyway but the previous owner and an author of these synths - Robert, wanted to do some further testing etc. Currently there's no download version available.

What does it mean "test version" ? Well, it's simply - use at your own risk. There's one pretty critical bug which produces random "loudness noise" on some certain configuration. My current goal is to track this bug and fix it. I don't know yet if it's host related or audio interface or overall combination of Processor, Operating System, Audio Interface etc. There are reports that the bug occurs on Cubase 4.5.1 and Tracktion2 hosts. On the other hand: Ableton 7, Albeton 8, Cubase 5.0.1, Reaper, Cantabile Lite, FL Studio 8 seem to work fine.

So - if you have this leaked version (it's perfectly legal to use it), and you're running it for the first time on your computer then make sure to set your speakers level to low. Then just do typical development process in your host. Add some tracks, plugins here and there, add Elektrostudio plugin you want to check and have fun. If it'll work for about, let's say 30 minutes, without producing some loudness noise bug then you can assume it's working on your configuration.

I would also like to thank Robert for giving me this opportunity. It's not a secret that he doesnt have enough time for further development of his plugins, for support. As a result he was forced to find some new guy that will handle this all stuff :) I am this "new guy" and I'm very excited about these plugins. All credit goes to Robert - I just need to do some bugfixes (at least the most critical ones) and then the download link will be available again (probably with some extras :) ).


Dave Gruska said...

I'm using Tracktion 2 and just ran through all of these VSTs quickly yesterday without any issues. They do sound fantastic, btw.

If I do get the bug, would you want me to send you any info? (i.e. other VSTs running at the time, # of tracks, computer configuration, etc.?)

Anonymous said...

I was using Minihost with the Vsts, and had no issues.

Greeg said...

sure, If you find any bugs - let me know. It'll help me a lot.

ps. and yes, they sound great. yesterday i was sitting all evening with 2 instances of sixth mont june plugin - and it was just wow :)

Anonymous said...

these vsts all sound incredible and look fantastic too. i did have a problem with ableton live though -- i couldn't automate any of the parameters without linking them to CCs (i.e. they didn't appear as parameters under the vst instrument). i use a novation keyboard though, and it was perfectly capable of controlling the vst parameters and discovering them, so it seems like it may be a simple fix. would really make the vsts a LOT more useful though.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I will download tonight... Thanks Greeg!

Anonymous said...

...I mean...whenever Greeg gives us the link... yeah!

Greeg said...

>> i couldn't automate any of the parameters
>> without linking them to CCs (i.e. they didn't
>> appear as parameters under the vst instrument).

Hmm, most plugins should automate without problems but I'll check it. I use Ableton Live too :) and it seems to work - all parameters exist in "plugin device parameters" tab.

But anyway, thanks for the info :)

Anonymous said...

I tried these vst's in Renoise, all seems well. I was flicking through the presets and the pluginss sound ace!

Anonymous said...


Only the following VSTs show me automateable parameters in Ableton Live 8:


None of the others show any parameters either in the foldout or in the two X-Y selection pads underneath the VSTs. Sorry to complain -- they all are really wonderful! Just not sure what's up with that.

Greeg said...

oh, I didnt know that :) I have Ableton Suite but still it's version 7. Looks like another bug added to my list. Thank you for valuable information

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