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This is truly amazing. A virtually unknown developer(s) from Poland (aye :D), called Elektrostudio has released stunning, ten (!) VSTi Analog Synths Pack. Every synth sounds great - clean, bright, fat, whatever you want :)

The pack contains:
- Micromoon - beautiful, wicked analog beast with one of the fattest sound you've ever heard :) Based on Micromoog
- Davosynth - recreation of Davoli Synth
- esLine String Machine - great, easy to use, String machine. Based on ARP Solina.
- Moon Sono SX - Moog Sonix Six
- Ocet Rhytm Synth
- ODsay - ARP Odissey
- Or2V - Oberheim 2 voice
- Rhytmus Machine
- Sixth Month June :) - Roland Juno 6
- Tapeotronic - Mellotron

These plugins not only sound great but also look nice :) Click the thumbnail for bigger image. The download file is exe file but don't worry, it's free from any viruses etc. (multiple antivir software check). Well, I'm just stunned. At least few of these plugins instantly landed on top of my favourite, free (yes, the pack is freely distributed) synths list.

Freeware doesn't mean crap in this case. This pack was supposed to be commercial, it was developed for over four (!) years but due to many reasons (let's say that in Poland it's not an easiest task to start your own business), it's released as freeware. So grab this pack because it simply contains one of the best freeware instruments that can match commercial ones.

Update: Analog Pack VSTi can produce some big loudness noise for some specific configurations. So, If you use any plugin from this pack for the first time, make sure to set your speakers volume to low, and test plugins for few minutes. Currently it seems to be a problem with Tracktion2 (one person reported bug) host and Cubase 4.5.1 (2 persons reported bug) but it's not 100% proven that this loudness bug is related with host. Other hosts such as Cubase 5.0, Ableton 7-8, FL Studio 8, Reaper seem to work fine with Elektrostudio Analog Pack.

Download: Update2: due to some bugs (although, I didn't experience any), I contacted with an author and we decided to temporary remove the link. Sorry folks but this one loudness bug seemed pretty critical.

More info: http://elektrostudio.ovh.org/


Phidel said...

Trully amazing...

this is really something great... almost too cool to share it.. (i wanna keep it for myself haha jk)

thank you man... you really rock.. although this time its the guy from elektrostudio the one who rocks !!!! dont ya think?

Greeg said...

yes :) definitely he rocks. I'm just a messenger :)

ira said...

Wow! Very rare to find soft synths that inspire let alone free ones. Great post, Greeg!! Much love from the US.

Phidel said...

pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee.. don't let anybody else know about this....

this is really cooool!!!!

anyone can be cool now!!!

hehe :D

Greeg said...


Anonymous said...

Shame there's no Mac version :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Greeg :.)

Anonymous said...

These are just too cool.
...and KVR doesn't even know about 'em :P

Anonymous said...

Eh, KVR knows now... who spilled the beans?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

please do a new posting so i can read it via rss and download the pack if it'S ready


Anonymous said...

A Mac version should be available - dissapointing

Anonymous said...

really really good stuff!
awesome work!
thanks! :)

Anonymous said...
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Aaron said...

Yeah thankx for the post,I hav'nt seen these freebies before.

Looks like some nice toys to play with".

David said...

2.53 version released 14.10.2009


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