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Greeg TAL Elek7ro Progressive Soundset

Great, freeware synth - TAL Elek7ro inspired my to create another soundbank. This time it's 38 patches - 24 progressive leads and 13 bass sounds. Greeg Tal Elek7ro Progressive Soundset is suited mostly for all kind of club music which means - progressive house, trance, elektro etc. I was focused mainly on creating some raw, powerful sounds because that's the nature of Elek7ro synth :) If you like my free presets and want to encourage me to do more - give me some feedback. Any kind of feedback is appreciated. If you have some requests about future sound banks - post comments :)

As usually, here's the mp3 preview. I used ping-pong delay to make smoother transitions between presets and that's it. No Compression, No EQing, just pure TAL Elek7ro sound. Don't forget that I'm rather poor musician - I'm sure you can get better results with these presets :)

Download: Greeg TAL Elek7ro Progressive Soundset

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Dave Gruska said...

All the sounds in the demo mp3 are good, but the third preset (at :20) is awesome. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I love that preset at 50 sec. Maybe it's not obvious in the demo but this sound has great analog power.

jens fury said...

nice presets, how long did you work on that bank? when i try to recreate a bass i heard or program something new i always get bored after 30 mins or so (~2 presets max;PP)

Greeg said...

hmm - it's just the effect of having fun with Elek7ro synth :) After few weeks I noticed that I have about hmm 20 presets so I decided to create another ones and release them as soundbank.

How long ? Hmm depends. The presets I reallly like, that fit my "style" usually take hmm 1-2 preset "per evening". But there are of course other presets that are just good or average, usually I'm saving them future development (ie. for next evening session :) ).

Also It depends on synth. TAL Elek7ro is pretty easy. FM Modulation and Sync'ing gives you lot of possibilities pretty fast.

loc nguyen said...

how do you load presets on this vst? i use fl studios

Greeg said...

i dont remember the exact way in FL Studio but you can load it for sure. I remember that If you have gui displayed in FL Studio window then there's small "triangle" in the left upper side of window. if you click it - the dropdown menu will appear and there's somewhere load fxp/fxb bank option.

You can ask about it on FL Studio forum too because it's mostly fl studio related :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've try to load your soundbank in Elek7ro but he don't works! Is possible that the versions are different? I use the v2.5 (i've try with the 2.1 too) that is blue, (and your is black)!
Compliments for the work and for all blog!

Greeg said...

yeah, i guess its for the old version of elek7ro

Anonymous said...

Ok! I've found the old version and work!
Good sounds!
(Sorry for my english!)

Yves said...

Amazing presets, really!

triphi said...

thanks.. just went through them all..a tad housey for my style but could be used with other effects to create uplifting positive energy :) thanks

Im learning to make progressive psytrance

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