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Harpsichord Soundfont / Kontakt2 samples

French website – Soni Musicae is great source of quality but free soundFont files. You may freely use them, even in your commercial recordings, but you’re not allowed to modify them (private only) or distribute. First one – “The Small Italian” is a Harpsichord sound copied after an anonymous 17th century italian instrument. It has one manual, two 8′ stops, plus a lute stop. It is suitable to play Renaissance and 17th century music.

This soundbank is available in Native Instruments Kontakt 2 format, in its full version, and in SF2 (SoundFont) format, but without release samples.

Ahh, almost forgot. SoundFont file is compressed with lossless audio compression format optimized for SoundFonts called sfArk. You can freely download it from here or http://www.melodymachine.com. The compression is really impressive. For example The Small Italian soundfont compressed (sfark) has 73 mb size while uncompressed (SF2 file) has 235 mb. This only proves that Soni Musicae soundfonts are very nice 🙂

How to use soundfont files ? You can find this info in previous “SF2” tagged posts.

Download: Soni Musicae – The Small Italian