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Audioxygen Gemini

Few days ago, one the VST Cafe users sent me an email with some recommended plugins. I decided to test them and the result is this post :)
It took 2 years of research and development to release Audioxygen Gemini virtual synthesizer plugin. According to official website, this synth "combines a huge fat analogue sound with unique step sequencers and radical distortion. It excels in Raging Techno baselines, Psy/Goa FX, Hardstyle screams, Shimmering pads, Massive Trance leads and much more".

What do I think ? I admit, I was a bit sceptical. On the paper Gemini doesn't look great - 2 Oscillators, 2 Filters, Delay, Reverb and LFOs. The new features are dual step sequencers working in add / multiply modes. But if you spend a while and listen to the demos, you'll quickly realise that Gemini produces quite unique sound. I believe that's because of somehow processed (distorted quite heavily ?) oscillator waveforms. The dual sequencers can modulate each other - that's pretty neat idea. Also two filters with pretty much unique Resonance and Distortion are doing good job.

Full version offers 180 presets aimed at all kind of electronica genres (techno, industrial, hardstyle, goa etc.)

Is it worth ? One thing I was worrying about is CPU usage. Synthmaker plugins are known to be rather high CPU consuming. So, is it high ? I think it's acceptable :)

Well, check the demo which is fully functional (and no installing - just simple dll file) with randomly played noise sound and listen to the mp3 previews (there are plenty of them at Audioxygen website) - below few presets (no additional processing):

and nice video with most features introduced:

PRICE: 19 EUR / 25 $ / 17 pounds

More info: Audioxygen Gemini


Anonymous said...

"Is it worth ?"


It's just clicked together in synthmaker with the default modules.

Funny: The promotion video only contains the same sound...

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts?!
This synth sounds much better then I ever heard before from any Synthmaker / Synthedit synths.

They used almost only custom parts from what I know of my expeciences in trying to program something in synthmaker. Like custom detuning, distortion, custom everything actually.

Greeg said...

hehe, I knew that there will be different opinions. but that's good :)

DJrazor said...

yes, listen to the demos man
analogue demo song! w00t!

carl-k said...

yeah, wonder if the 1st commenter even played with the demo.. maybe he will and also provides some honest feedback ;-) very cool synthy indeed

Gwenhwyfaer said...

Well, from the quick go I just had on it, I'm hard pressed to see what it has to offer over, say, Superwave P8, other than the step sequencer - which considering that preset 3 decided it wanted 25% of my CPU for a single voice, makes it rather hard to justify. Soundwise? Just sounds like your fairly standard two-lots-of-supersaw-thru-SVF to me - similar to Superwave P8; no more analogue than, say, Synth1. I'm not saying it's good - just that in a world where Synth1 (especially!) and half a million SynthEdit-based softsynths are available for the download, merely being good isn't enough. Certainly not to charge for.

In fairness, it doesn't seem to suffer the usual SynthMaker problem (a huge CPU spike at note on, as everything for that voice appears to get allocated all at once). But it's still nowhere near as efficient as even a typical SynthEdit-based plugin (yes, I know SynthEdit has its own issues - re-entrancy, anyone?). And for heaven's sake! why do people INSIST on pulling stunts like "generates random noise" in their free demos? Limit functionality if you must, or decline to supply any presets - but if you're going to intentionally add something to your plugin to render it more or less useless, you're basically conning people - stop it!

Gwenhwyfaer said...

Oh, and for "analogue" - check out Antti Huovilainen's range of plugins: http://antti.smartelectronix.com/ - and don't confuse authentic with "phat"; some analogue synths sound as weak as gnat's piss. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gwenhwyfaer, stop whining and buy a PC that is a litte better then a Pentium 3..

Then you might be able to enjoy Gemini a bit more and complain a bit less.. ;-)

Greeg said...

Gwenhwyfaer - I disagree. I wouldn't like to try demo version which has limited functionality. I believe that's what demo version is for - check every knob and see if you like it :)

I would say that this random noise is acceptable. I Mean - it doesnt kill your ears ;) Developers need to protect somehow their product. Im fine with random noise. 2-3 months ago I demoed Synapse Toxic II 2.5 and random noise didnt stop me from buying it.

Anonymous said...

"It took 2 years of research and development to release Audioxygen Gemini virtual synthesizer plugin."

I know why: Because the "developer" has no skills in doing that and had to wait till the Synthmaker-community releases all the single modules he ripped in "his" synth.

It looks like "Renegade" which is also only puzzled together from parts of community-members.


Anonymous said...

I smell a lot of frustration here ;-)
seems someone has programmed very hard in C++ on a VSTi that no one liked a bit.

In contrast, Gemini has a nice strong 'own' sound and very nice presets + seems to be rather popular ;-)

Anonymous said...

Frustration? Sure not!

We just don't like cheap SM-Synths!

You don't need many skills to put together a "piece" like this in SM ... of course if you rip others work.

Every idiot now releases "his superb" synth with v-analog modelled filters bla bla bla

It really sucks... waste of time...

DJRazor said...

Actually I don't care how a Synth has been made etc. As long as it sounds good, has its own 'character' an easy interface and nice presets I am happy.

For me, Gemini has these properties.

I think speak for many people here when I say: It's about the sound and the music, not the ethical programming discussions etc.

So please stop your flame war and go make some nice music ;-)

Thnx bye DJR

Anonymous said...

It is one of the better one's i seen. But agree with allot of whats been said before. It eats a bit of cpu on my quad 4ghz 4gb machine. But it is not a bad SM based synth. The lay out is simple and forward. As far as VA it needs allot more to simulate and emulate the flow and sound of analog synth. Price i think is a tad steep but honestly i cant put a price on how much work the creator put it. For most it could be worth 5bucks others maybe 50. If you not keen on it. Move on and try other synths. Or dive in to vpl your self to create your own. Remember there some creators who started out with vpl and moved on to a programming language later. Just my two cents worth of text. Rating out 10 for me personally i give it a 4.5. Its ok. Its nothing special but its not bad. For edm its a good sounding synth.

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