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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

It's time to write something in newly created category "Software vs Hardware" - more about it in previous post :) The Prophet-5 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by Sequential Circuits in San Jose, California between 1977 and 1984. It's the most classic synthesizer of the eighties !
The Prophet 5 is one of the first analog synthesizers that implement patch memory, a feature which stores user settings of every parameter on the synthesizer into internal memory. Now it sounds funny but it was very needed feature. It's also one of the first polyphonic synthesizers, with five voice polyphony - two oscillators per voice and a white noise generator. Well, actually there was a version called Rev 1 (or Prophet 10) with ability to play 10 notes simultaneously ! Unfortunately, it was unreliable, and the build up of heat within the case meant that it was never in tune for more than a few minutes. Apparently, the only solution was a radical one. Synth designers dumped half the electronics, and the Prophet 10 became the Prophet 5 :)

Prophet 5 lacked MIDI but it's still loved today because of great string sounds, analog effects, and punchy analog basses. Unfortunately the P5 is not immune to the dark side of vintage synths - it has it's fair share of analog synth problems such as unstable tuning, it's difficult to repair, lacks MIDI, etc.

I'm not sure about it but the first patch reminds me the sound you can hear in music composed by Bill Conti for Rocky movie :)

Software plugins related with Prophet 5: (ordered by price)
1. Arturia Prophet V - 199 EUR
2. Native Instruments Pro 53 - 199 EUR
3. Messiah - 30 $
4. Analog Synth Lab Prophecizer 5 - 8.99 pounds (standalone only ??)
5. Chris Roberson Prophanity (Link Updated) - Free
6. EFM SCI Prophet 5 - Free

Article: History of Sequential Circuits Prophet 5


Anonymous said...

Great idea - this blog just keeps getting better!

Anonymous said...

.. and do you know which is the best vst emulation? Messiah. It actually sounds very close to a real Prophet 5.

No crazy CP stuff. Compact. Very nice to play. $30.

Greeg said...

I don't have Arturia Prophet (which also emulates Prophet VS) so I can't really say which is the best. That's why I decided to put just links and let people decide on their own :) 199 EUR is too much for me, hell even 99 EUR would be still too much ;) so it naturally makes me focused more on free synths of cheap.

I like Messiah mainly because it doesn't try to be a cloned version of Pro-53 or Arturia Prophet - it tries to be an emulation and at the same time it's something more. Atm it's my favourite synth - it's just easy to create nice sound with it.

And about freeware stuff - it's always worth trying.

mr thug said...

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thx for this information.....peace ya

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