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Software vs Hardware and post number 250 :)

We live in the digital era - lots of plugin users and makers haven't even heard the real analog synth or effect. Quite often we can read that plugin X is an emulation of real, analog, hardware synth. How close (or far ;) ) such emulation is ? Do the presets are the same as hardware factory soundbank ?

I would like to introduce new category "Software vs Hardware". No, no - it's not going to turn into flame war :) The concept is simple - one, two youTube videos with sound of certain hardware, analog synth and the list of plugins that are somehow related ("emulations", "inspired by" etc.) with it. It's up to you to do download / buy the softsynth and see if it actually sounds similar to the original synth.

Like I said, it's a simple concept which actually tries to promote the sounds of original, hardware synths and give people (and myself too) point of reference when comparing plugins to hardware.

ps. That's my 250 post. I admit, I wasn't expecting this :) It supposed to be very small blog but it turned into something a little bigger. Well, I hope VstCafe will reach 500 posts soon but it won't be an easy task for lone wolf ;)

Also, I would like to thank all people who donated vstCafe. Thanks to you, commercial hosting I bought a while ago doesn't hurt so much ;) - it was really needed cos Elektrostudio plugins and all these mp3 previews are using some serious bandwidth. One day it was like 10 GB transfer used ! Also it was kind demoralizing to upgrade ~ 80 mp3 embeded players because of free host dead ;)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Greeg! Keep up the good work -- Canada loves you!

Greeg said...

thanks :)

Solstice said...

Very good idea !

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