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Since few days I'm proud user of Wusik Station - a hybrid vector & wavesequencer Sampler. Unfortunately I had not enough time to fully explore each feature (most time I spent playing samples :) ) so this small review will be focused more on economical aspect :)

Currently, there's great promotion available called - The Wusik Summer 2009 Group-Buy. Since 163 users already decided to buy Wusik Station, the price is now set at very low level. Instead of 120 $, Wusik station is now available for 60 $. Not cheap enough ? I agree - without sample libraries it would be rather high, especially for vstCafe "requirements" ;)

BUT, for 60 $ you'll receive tons of sample libraries. First - Complete Sound Set libraries which contain about 4 GB of samples - it is compressed, so overall I assume it's about 6 GB !!! Additionally, you'll receive 200 Wusik Sound Credits (which I don't have because I didn't buy it via this promo :| ) which translate into another few GB of samples - check the libraries available and the credit costs here. 200 credits is very much...

Now, my thought - during last few days I really liked Wusik Station. It's nicely designed, it has a lot of features (many effects, sequencers, layers) - actually my home studio lacked good sampler and Wusik Station filled that niche. And samples libraries ? Very good stuff. Wusik Station introduces it's own format WusikPRST / WusikSND but you can also import WAV and SFZ (format developed by Cakewalk) files (you can convert Soundfont (SF2) files to SFZ with some freeware converters - for example sfZed).

More features are described in manual available online at

PRICE: 59.95 $

More info: Wusik Station VST


Anonymous said...

For those who cannot afford the money: A good freeware sampler is UVI Workstation, with REX-Loops it even can be used as a Stylus RMX substitute.

Robert Wagendorfer said...

After using the Wusik Station V5.8.6 for about 5 months I must say, it is one of my best investments in VST-Plugins.

The amenities for example are: a good and very big with a lot of useful categories and sounds; a fine and practical GUI; a powerful effect-section; low CPU-requirement.

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