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Andi Vax - Mixing Secrets Video Tutorial

I would like to present you the free video tutorial, created by Andi Vax, dedicated to secrets of mixing the dance music. This video is suited best for advanced producers who have "some" experience (two or more years).
I've utilized in this video the most effective plugins, hardware and software synthesizers for deeper understanding the process. What I explain here is not a gospel truth. This is only my vision of some aspects in sound recording and here I propose just one of the possible ways for achievement the good quality.
The video contains:
1. Basic skills of equalization
2. Main principles of equalization
3. Frequencies conflicts and instrument groups
4. Main principles of compression
5. A little bit about mastering
6. A little maximizing hint
7. Fat sound. Three methods of making kick drum.
8. Fat sound. Fat and pumping bass.
9. Fat sound. Synth double track.
10. Fat sound. Unreal wide bass.
11. Fat sound. Percussion and cymbals processing.
12. Virtual Room Hints. Main principles.
13. Virtual Room Hints. 5 reverberation hints.
14. 10 advices from Andi Vax

What do I think ? At the beginning it's not the easiest task to understand an author specific accent but after few minutes you'll get used to it :) The video lasts 1 hour and it's really amazing that people are doing such videos for free.


Anonymous said...

the accent, the pronunciation, the intonation are awful and sound horrible because it's Russian, if you ask me after a while you not only don't get used to the accent, moreover u become tired of it

all these disadvantages effectively defeat the very purpose of this tutorial
if you speak broken English u better stick to your native language, that's what would be alot more beneficial, serve your own people


Anonymous said...

Bit frustrating as it has lots of great information but I have too much difficulty in understanding him.

Anonymous said...

his voice really sucks

Anonymous said...

It's a good tutorial. I understood everything.
It's free and it helps more than it sucks.

good work Andi!

aavilesjr69 said...

Great tutorial man! Don't listen to the judgmental & arrogant American assholes that always have something to say about somebody maybe because of their accent, color or skin, appearance, level of education, music style, etc. They're just insecure & look to knock others down to compensate, or feel good, about their inadequacies. Good job! Not all Americans are insecure, ungrateful assholes. Pito

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