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During last two weeks I had plenty of time to rethink my priorities. The truth is that Vst Cafe takes just too much time to manage - my daily routine was visiting about 10 different forums, 20 websites searching for articles, tutorials, plugins etc. Actually Vst Cafe took almost 100 % of my spare time and as a result I didn't have time for my other hobbies such as music production, synth and vst programming. Also, I lost concept a little bit. After all, the amount of free plugins isn't unlimited and I really don't want to turn this site into 23412624562 great free plugins blog.

That's why I decided to stop updating it. Who knows, maybe one or two months later the situation will change, maybe Vst Cafe will evolve into something different but for now the site won't be updated anymore. Also, thank you for all of your donations - it really helped to at least partially cover the hosting bills, domains costs etc.

Goodbye or just See you soon!

ps. feel free to email me if you have some questions, ideas, dead link reports etc.


Bozzer said...

That's bad news but I understand you and wish you the best for your projects!
Thank you for all your posts, I hope you'll keep the elektrostudio plugins alive.

Woody Aki said...


I'm gutted but I emphatise with you totally G - I've been in that position before. It's a pity though, because I really looked forward to this blog whenever I return from work and turn on my PC.

All the best, and thanks!

Dave Gruska said...

That's too bad. But, thanks for finding all the great VSTs (and some fantastic tutorials as well).

Definitely keep the blog around - you never know when you might want to post at least once in a while.

Peter den Herder said...

Thanks for the things you've done!

Anonymous said...

thats bad, but we understand you! goodd job you did here!

Nick Maxwell said...

Very sad to hear about this. This is honestly one of the best blogs out there for me, but I completely understand your reasoning. My best to you in your future endeavors!

Tale said...

What a pity. But totally understandable, of course. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

Bad news, but hey....shit happens!, cheers from southamerica

Anonymous said...

:( sad! ... i only know this blog for 2 weeks but hey i love it!
thanks for everything!
keep the blog online maybe other people will join in... maybe me if i got more time sometime :-)

best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Are you still planning on releasing those Electrostudio vst's ? I was really looking forward...

Greeg said...

thanks for understanding :) about the plugins - yea, that's the part of the plan

matthy said...

you helped me find genesis CM !!!
this was the best site ever

Respect ++

Anonymous said...

Appreciate all the effort you put into this site and sad to see it come to an end but understandable.

Denis said...

thank you for sharing so much nice stuff with us. I wish you all the best.

matthew said...

appreciate it anyway. the site was off to a great start. THANKS AGAIN.

Anonymous said...


Zaphoid said...

It's too bad because I just discovered it. I realize your issue though. Still an excellent resource tool as it stands.

Jon said...

i love this site, it has taught me so much! thanks dude!

emphryio said...

I found some really good stuff through this site. Sorry to hear you're stopping but I appreciate very much that you put in the time you did.

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