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IK Multimedia Summer Group Buy - Updated

Still you have the whole August to participate in IK Multimedia's Summer Group Mix Promotion which is about their great T-RackS 3 single plugins such as: Vintage Tube Compressor/ Limiter Model 670, Vintage Tube Program Equalizer, Opto Compressor, Brickwall limiter, Linear Phase Equalizer, Classic Compressor and more.
Normally each T-RackS 3 single plugin costs 99 $ but with this promotion you'll pay ... 99 $ ;) and you'll receive an additional two plugins of your choice! So, for 99 $ you'll receive 3 plugins instead of one - instead of ~ 300 $ you'll pay 99 $.

Currently more than 500 users took advantage of this promotion and registered their plugins. If 1,000 users join the Group Mix promotion (which is quite possible - 139 users left) and register, IK Multimedia will give out a 4th T-RackS single plugin of your choice.

More info: IK Multimedia Summer Group Buy


Anonymous said...

You can get T-Racks for only $99 right now if you have any other IK Software! http://www.ikmultimedia.com/deluxepro

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