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Let the Games begin

You know what people say (or actually it was Heraclitus) ? Never step into the same river twice. But who cares ? :) I'm sure that during last two months, some new, music production related stuff was released and it's up to me to find it and introduce it on VstCafe again.

What I was doing when VstCafe was closed ? Well, I was on holiday ;), I bought Terratec Komplexer synth and I was trying to improve my music production skills. Actually there was a very nice remix competition contest. Royksopp (famous Norwegian electronic music group) gave away the parts from their "Tricky Tricky" track with an amazing vocal by Karin Dreijer so everyone could enter the competition for free. As far as I remember the competition ended with more than 800 remixes, and one of them was produced by me :)

My plans related with VstCafe ? I would like to add some kind of notes to presented Vst plugins. I mean, they're all good but there's a clear difference between just good plugin and amazing one ;) I have few ideas how to do it but I haven't decided yet. And since I like creating presets, the more soundbanks will come for sure. I think, I improved during last months so the first thing I'm going to do is review my old soundbanks (actually I'm in the middle of it). Some were released without any modulation wheel settings (I didn't have midi keyboard controller :p) and I would like to fix it and of course add some new presets.

Well, welcome again... ;)


Nyhde said...


It's good to hear from you again! Hope you had a nice holiday! I felt sad when the site stopped updating, but I naturally understand that updating a webpage this extensive can be quite a task. You have done a truly wonderful job nevertheless.

I have learned a lot reading VST Cafe and have found many great plugins because of this site. Speaking of plugins, those ElektroStudio VSTi's are just superb. To have that kind of versatility and quality available for free is just tremendous. I have enjoyed them all greatly. Especially MicroMoon and SM June are my favourites.

I have also really enjoyed the soundbanks you've made in the past so any new ones would of course be greatly appreciated.

If you're creating new presets for any freeware VSTi plugins and would like a little challenge, check out Portishead's song Machine Gun. You might have heard it before.

It has the most amazing lead synth sound I've heard in ages. I have tried to reproduce it countless times but haven't managed to come even near its brilliance.

The music video is available at a certain video portal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKm-OkHj-VM

The aformentioned synth kicks in around 03:50. The album version is in my opinion a little prettier, but the video version is also really wonderful.

Well, I hope we'll be hearing more from you in the future! It's good to have you back!


Greeg said...

hello :)
first of all - very nice song :) and the second I like challenges - the sound seems doable but we'll see ;)

marc said...

Hey nice you are back, pity you didnt answered my email. Im new into producing, so I will check your site from time to time.


Greeg said...

hello mate. mail me again - I was on pretty long holidays and it's quite possible that your email went to the spam folder which is automatically cleared (by my email provider) if message is older than one month...

marc said...

done, mail is titled 'Hello Greeg'.

Anonymous said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Very good thing !
Thank you very much from France !

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