Synth Britannia - 1:30h video

Depeche Mode, OMD, Pet Shop Boys - Synth Pop generation documentary Watch

15 interesting synths

Virtual synths that somehow went under the radar Read article

NI Kontakt instruments

Free and affordable NI Kontakt libraries Read more

Sylenth EDM Soundset

165 modern presets, created by me, for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth. Visit

400 Modern presets for V-Station

Tons of presets that will bring a new life to the Novation V-Station synth Visit

Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 presets

155 Synth / lead and bass presets inspired by many modern electronica genres. Visit

Free Organ synths / samples

Best, free organ synths / multisamples Read more

Soft Synths released in 2011

Interesting soft synths released in 2011 Read more

Free String Machine vsts

Freeware String Machine plugins Read more

Frequency Modulation Synthesis Videos

Another part of a series called "Synthesizer Boot Camp", created by Simon Cann.

This time it's about Frequency Modulation.

More info: Noise Sculpture

Making The Most Of The Stereo Panorama

Previous Sound on Sound's article, presented on VstCafe, was about front-to-back depth in our mix. Now it's time for second part which is about getting the best from stereo mixing, so left-right axis.

Recorded sound is an illusion, and stereo doubly so. We tend to take the stereo pan pots in our mixers and DAWs for granted, but they’re one of the key tools available for crafting your mix. So how should they best be used to build a convincing stereo mix — and, come to that, is panning always the best way to create a stereo soundscape?

Article: Sound on Sound - Making the most of the stereo panorama

Airbase tutorial - Omnisphere Routing

It's been a while since last Airbase's tutorial lesson number 11 :) Finally, twelve lesson is available. It's about saving some CPU power when using multitimbral vst instruments. The whole point is : if your instrument is multitimbral (which means it can produce two or more timbres (sounds / patches) at the same time and send them to different midi channels), then you don't need ie. eight instances of it - one instance may be enough. Not only you will save some CPU but also the project will be cleaner :)

More info: www.airbasemusic.com

Creating A Sense Of Depth In Your Mix

Sound on Sound is one of the best music recording magazines available on the market. Luckily, a lot of articles is available online and what's more, it's free :)

With reverb, EQ, delay and more at your disposal, enhancing the sense of front-to-back space in your mix can be a challenging affair. We take you through some tips that will give your mix a depth charge!

In real life we hear sound in three dimensions, and although a stereo production obviously places all the sound sources in front of the listener on a left-right soundstage, it can often seem harder to achieve a good sense of front-to-back depth when you’re working with two speakers. Nearby sounds obviously tend to be louder than distant ones, and that’s easy enough to mimic, but there are many other factors too, and consequently there’s a lot more you can do than simply rely on your level faders.

Article: Sound on Sound - Creating sense of depth in your mix

Wave Alchemy Odyssey FX free samples

Wave Alchemy has released pretty nice, free samples pack which contains 70, royalty free sound FX from ARP Odyssey analogue synthesizer. All sound effects have been recorded through an API 512c pre-amp in crystal clear 24-bit resolution.

All you need to do is to register / login at www.wavealchemy.co.uk


Tatapoum 4 Drum Sampler

There aren't many good, free drum synths available. But there's one which is good enough to play with and it gives tons of fun :) It's called Tatapoum 4 - a drum sampler combined with step sequencer. I don't know if it's just me but step sequencers seem very inspiring :)
There are 10 drum slots available, each with solo, mute, preview and load (wav file) option. Each pattern can have up to 16 steps and there are overall up 32 patterns available + they can be chained. You can play the pattern forward and backward.

Overall, that's a pretty deep drum synth with Open Source license. This means that you can even download the source code (SynthEdit) and improve the plugin the way you like.

Download: Tatapoum 4

Cakewalk Store Holiday Sale

Cakewalk Store has announced their Holiday Sale which begins 27th November (friday). There will be some hot deals for sure - even now there are 50 % discounts (and bigger), not only for Cakewalk products but also third-party software (in this case, you need to own Cakewalk Sonar).

Prices: (the original price is manufacturers list price)
- Cakewalk Sonitus: FX Suite Download : £189.00 -> £69.00
- Native Instruments: Absynth 5 - Download : £179.00 -> £74.00
- Native Instruments: FM 8 - Download : £179.00 -> £74.00
- Native Instruments: Massive - Download : £179.00 -> £74.00
- Cakewalk Rapture - Download: £165.00 -> £82.50

I would say - wait till Friday, probably more deals will come.

More info: www.store.cakewalk.com

Kreativt Darhus Major Sketch Pad

It's always nice to see some attempts to create something fresh, unique and creative. I like that kind of developers - after all it's not that easy to introduce a "new" product, especially if there are about few thousands of vst plugins :). And even if not every attempt ends up with success, it's worth trying.

Major Sketch Pad, created by Kreativt Darhus is a step sequencer combined with a chorder. Each time it gets triggered by a midi note the step sequencer steps forward and each step can contain a new, different chord.
The main idea behind the sketch pad is to make it easier for people who are having a hard time coming up with songs to at least get a "rough" arrangement sketch that they can continue to work with. It is, after all, often the beginning of a song that is the hard part to come up with.
Major sketch pad also have keyboard split between the chord and a solo section. So you can play polyphonic solos upon your chords to see how solo play will lend itself to your arrangement. Quite handy. No, this is not some psuedo-random-crap, you are in control of your music all the time when using the sketch pad. This is an arrangement utility rather than a music production tool.

Download: Kreativt Darhus - Major Sketch Pad

D16 Group - 50 % off till December 1st

Well known, polish VST developers company - D16 Group has announced a very nice promotion. Every audio plugin, till 1st December, is just 50 % cheaper. This means that you can have for example : Nithonat - fully synthesized drum machine based on the classic 606 for 39,50 EUR, Phoscyon - legendary TB-303 emulation for 29,50 EUR or FX plugins such as: ToraVerb, Devastor, Redoptor just for 17,50 EUR each.

More info: D16.pl

How to make Classic Trance Lead with Novation V-Station

Almost forgot about tutorial I did a while ago at my personal website - designasound.com. It's a simple tutorial about creating pretty classic Trance Lead sound with using two instances of Novation V-Station. It's about synthesis, it's about effects and it shows that layering two, even simple sounds can lead to much more interesting sound.

Sound quality is little bit degraded and flat (probably I messed too much with some video settings ;) ) so here's the mp3 preview


FerricTDS - tape simulator plugin

FerricTDS, developed by bootsie is a Tape Dynamics Simulator, inspired by the smooth dynamic shaping capabilities of some high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders. It simulates three of the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices:
* DYNAMICS - gently shaping the overall dynamic response
* SATURATION - adding extra harmonic-related content
* LIMITING - controlling peak performance

What do I think about it ? I like this plugin (actually I used it with one of my tutorials available at designasound.com) and if I had to describe it quickly I would write: makes the digital sound rounder, smoother, more "analog" but it's easy to abuse it :) Try it: it can nicely "glue" the layers for example. Bootsie's FerricTDS is one of the entries for KVR 2009 Developers Challenge contest.

Download: Bootsie FerricTDS | Official Bootsie's plugins website

Synthesizer Boot Camp - LFO Video

It's been a while since part III of Synthesizer Boot Camp videos was published but it's finally here - fourth part, created by Simon Cann. Synthesizer Boot Camp is a series of videos which looks at specific synthesizer techniques that can be applied in creating sounds. This time, it's about Low Frequency Oscillators.
What can I say ? Very informative, professional video.

More info: www.noisesculpture.com (videos, books)

H. G. Fortune AlioNoctis

If you recognize any of H. G. Fortune's audio plugin then you probably know what to expect. If you don't then ... Well, H. G. Fortune AlioNoctis is described as "Sounds from the Other World" and it seems to be a very good description. If you're looking for quite "out of this world" atmospheres, soundscapes, pads then AlioNoctis should fit your needs perfectly.

It offers, three PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 waveforms, two resonant filters and tons of various modulations which can be randomized by LFO-s or manually thanks to nice X-Y Pads. Free version of H. G. Fortune AlioNoctis offers just 5 voices but still it's an improvement compared to other HGF plugins and to be honest, it seems pretty enough. After all, if you need all of features then consider buying Pro version.

I like this synth quite a lot because it's quite unique, it's easy to use and it's easy to create some nice atmospheres.

Audio Demo:

Download: H.G.Fortune - AlioNoctis

Jeroen Breebart Omnisone

Another plugin from Jeroen Breebart on VstCafe ? I'm sorry, I can't help it - he developes one of the best sounding freeware (and commercial) VST effects :) After Barricade and Omniverb, it's time for some spatial image processor - Omnisone.
It can control the side signal level and enhance the ambiance by making the side signal louder and/or adding synthetic side signal, if needed. It can also re-pan both signals individually, even outside the speakers base.

Some small mp3 preview:

Download: Jeroen Breebart Omnisone

Alesis Ion Sound Review

Another portion of pure hardware inspiration from great japanese website Musictrack.jp. This time it's Alesis Ion Analog Modeling Synthesizer - fat sounding digital synth :) Presented to the public in 2002, the Ion has 8-voice polyphony with 3 oscillators per voice, and is 4-part multi-timbral. It offers continuously variable wave shapes (sine waves can morph into square waves), plus osc-sync and FM synthesis. Description seems similar to VST instruments but something tells me that the quality is different. Or maybe it's just about the musician ? :)


Kx77Free Kx-Modulad VSTi

For the next few days / weeks I would like to focus more on expanding Vst Instruments / Effects category. On 18th November 2009, KX77FREE, has released a major update for his Kx-Modulad synth. Lot's of changes, improvements and it just feels like a new synth.

Kx-Modulad is a free virtual analog modular synth, but all modulations are pre-connected (on cables on the GUI). It's not a synth for beginners so if you're just starting with subtractive synthesis for example, then maybe it's a better idea to load this plugin 2-3 months later ;) because it's one of the more complexed, freeware synths available.

I like the oscillators. Only two but each one contains two waveforms + sub-waveform between you can mix. Also, thanks to included WaveTracer tool (based on additive synthesis) you can create easily some new waveforms. I won't go deeper into details - just take a look at screenshot and you'll quickly notice that Kx-Modulad is very deep synth which requires knowledge. It's up to you to decide whether you're able to tame it or not.

There are 128 patches available that cover 70' , 80' sounds - I must say, I like most presets. Maybe it's my DAW only but it seems that this synth can be quite CPU expensive, on the other hand it gives that nice analog, modular, warm feeling.

Download: Kx77Free Kx-Modulad

Podcasting patented ? What the f...

Short story: you can help save the freedom of online content.
Long ? Via createdigitalmusic.com: "Patenting the use of all episodic media on the Web might sound absurd, but the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted just such a patent, to a company called VoloMedia. It’s a significant issue, one that could threaten the freedom of all media distribution online. Wherever you are in the world, you can help.

Intellectual property law was created in order to protect genuine inventions and innovation from exploitation. But predatory patents, based on bogus claims and attempting to stake out broad rights, threaten to do just the opposite.

Here’s a new idea: fight back. Lawyers are the heroes this time. The
Electronic Frontier Foundation’s patent-busting project aims to take down unfair patents that threaten common-sense uses of technology. A number of these have applied to music and audio. The EFF has already won a big victory against what had been the worst offender – media giant Clear Channel actually successfully patented recording live shows. (No, really — recording a live gig, then burning them on the spot. The EFF was able to bust that patent.) The advocacy group also scored significant victories against patents on sending and receiving online streams and encoding media."

More info: Electronic Frontier Foundation
More info: createdigitalmusic.com

Rgc Audio SFZ+ Professional for Free

Do you need a serious SoundFont (SF2) player VST ? Well, it's here :) Rgc Audio SFZ+ Professional's price has been reduced, by Cakewalk, from 60 $ to ... 0, zero, null :)

Sure, there are modern samplers that can handle SF2 files pretty well but most of them are just overcrowded and CPU intensive while SFZ+ Pro as an SF2 dedicated player. It has a very low CPU usage, can handle huge files - just grab it :)

More info: Cakewalk Store

Kirk Hunter Studios : Symphonic Orchestra Sale

Need over 25 GB Symphonic Orchestra library ? Kirk Hunter Studios offer now their Ruby (over 40 GB) and Emerald (over 25 GB) libraries much cheaper than usually. Ruby costs 50 % cheaper which means 249 $ / 299 $ (depending if that's hard-drive delivery or download) while Emerald is even more cheap - instead of 325 $, it costs now 150 $. I must say that 150 $ for over 25 GB excellent symphonic library is tempting :)

Don't forget to read (before buying) the system requirements. Libraries are offered in Kontakt format (but you need "full" Kontakt not player due to lot of scripting) or EXS24 (Logic Audio Sampler format). Also there are two options of delivery:
- download (prepare for few days downloading ;) )
- hard drive delivery (US and non-US)

Mp3 demo: (Emerald Symphonic Orchestra library)

ps. I hope that EXS format is not so complicated so maybe it'll work with ie. Ableton 7 Sampler :)

More info: Kirk Hunter Studios

14 ways to improve your house tracks

14 tips, from MusicRadar.com that should help you to improve your House productions - they cover editing, processing, mixing and mastering. The complete guide to creating house is available in Autumn issue of Computer Music (CM144).

Not the most impressive guide but maybe someone will like it ;)

Article: 14 ways to improve your house tracks

Ableton Vocoder

Very nice video tutorial with Ableton Vocoder explained.


Greeg EDM Soundset II for Novation V-Station available

Greeg EDM Soundset II - an updated version of previously released Greeg EDM Soundset for Novation V-Station, is finally avaiable. It comes with 114 patches (which means an additional 38 presets) and contains bass, lead, pad, pluck, acid/distorted and analogue-like sounds suited for all kind of Electronic Dance Music

Just like previous release, it's available at unbeatable "price" - just donate any amount you want (if you have some moral problems with it then 3-5 $ will make me happy) and the soundbank is yours. Soundbank is available both in FXB and V-Station's native format - Mid format (note that it does not contain preset names).

Please allow up to 24 hours for your Greeg EDM Soundset II to be sent. Keep in mind that I'm sending this soundbank to the email address linked to your Paypal account. Also note that the file may get caught in any spam filter you (or your mail provider) may be using, so if you havent received your soundbank after 24 hours, please check your spam folder and / or contact me and I'll resend it.

Mp3 demos:

One instance of V-Station - no external effects used - 100 % V-Station

One instance of V-Station - no external effects used - 100 % V-Station

Two instances of V-Station - Classic Trance Lead example (external effects used)

Feel free to test totally free, 30-presets version of this soundbank.

More info: http://www.designasound.com/ (my personal blog)

Depeche Mode + Ableton + Live Drum Processing

Kerry Hopwood is the Live Programmer/Musical Director for Depeche Mode. When it comes to staging a live Depeche Mode show, theres no cutting corners. Kerry puts it simply: We need to use tools that work. In concert, Kerry and Depeche Mode rely on Ableton Live as an integral component of shaping the bands drum sound. In this movie, shot at a concert in Berlins Olympiastadion, Kerry discusses the advantages that Live offers for on-stage sound processing.

Not sure what to think about it but overall, it's an informative video - I didn't know that they're combining their live drums with Ableton Live effects.


Stereo Reconsidered: Mid/Side Thinking

It's third and so far, the last one article about mastering, written by David Moulton at Izotope.com. Those who read earlier two articles do not need another recommendation - extremely well written articles.

In recorded music, there has been an informal, generally held notion that the stereo image is a re-creation of a stage, an imaginary space stretching between the two speakers, on which the recorded artists appear, reproducing the reality of their live performances. In classical music recording, this notion has some validity, because the recording techniques used to create the recording usually include the use of a concert hall and a stage, and the producers make the evocation of that concert hall ambience a central part of their vision.

Article: Stereo Reconsidered: Mid/Side Thinking

Oberheim OB-8 Sound Review

It's always a pleasure to see a good musician playing real hardware instruments. Watching this may be very inspiring both for music composers or sound designers. Strange times, we live - everything seems packed into bytes, megabytes, maybe it's one of the reasons why current music seems so repetive ? Everyone just sits in front of souless computer and play all of these boring virtual instruments ;p

I don't know if you share the same enthusiasm as me, but watching such classic instruments from the 80' or 70' is like watching classic US cars from the 60'. Definitely this stuff has a soul :) Presented synth is Oberheim OB-8 - vintage analog synthesiser launched by Oberheim in 1983 and discontinued in 1985.

ps. I know, I'm probably biased because I was born in the 80' so almost everything created / released / published during that time, has a soul for me hehe. Including Commodore C64, presented Oberheim OB-8, Top Gun, Rambo, PacMan, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Saboteur, Green Beret ... ;D

And yes, there will be more previews like this published on VstCafe...


Designasound.com - new sound design website

For the last few months, VstCafe website has grown a lot. At the beginning, my plan was to create my own, related with music production, content but it quickly turned out that my content is only a small percentage of all interesting and exciting resources available at VstCafe.

I decided to finally do something with it and the result is a new website called "Design a Sound" (designasound.com) which will contain all materials (tutorials, soundbanks) created by me and it'll be my personal, music production related website. So far, there's not much going on there but it'll change very soon :) I'm in the middle of creating some new tutorials and soundbanks but if you have any requests about tutorials, soudbanks then visit designasound.com and contact me there...

More info: designasound.com

Sidechain Compression with Ableton Live 8

Few days ago, somebody asked me about Sidechain Compression tutorial and strangely, I dicovered that there are not many sidechain tutorials available on VstCafe. Probably that's because I always thought that "there are some" ;)

So now, here's the video tutorial about Sidechain Compression using Ableton Live 8. It doesn't mean, if you're using another DAW, that you won't understand anything. The video is nice, Ableton's compressor GUI is very simple - if you're after these all sidechained progressive house pads, leads then watch the video.


Dynamics Control for Beginners

Nicely written (by Tarekith) guide about Dynamics Control.

There's many different ways of using compression, but I'm going to focus on its traditional purpose, to help tame the dynamic range of your song, or more specifically, a part of the song. As with all my guides, I think it's important people realize I'm not saying "this is how it's supposed to be" or that there's no other way to use a compressor. Certainly they've been misused to great effect and fame. Think of the Benny Benassi basslines, or that Ministry would often use racks of compressors to achieve distortion for their guitars, and not dedicated distortion units. What I'm saying is, don't take my word for it, and don't just read this guide and think you have a handle on how to use compression. It's one of those things that's often very subtle to hear if done correctly, and it's something that takes a lot of hands on practice with to get a real understanding of. In this guide, I'll mainly be showing you how I learned to use compression, there's certainly many other ways to approach it though. That said, let's dive in.

Article: Dynamics Control for beginners

(Extreme) Pitch correction techniques

Step-by-step tutorial (via MusicRadar.com)which can learn a little bit about extreme pitch correction techniques, using Auto-Tune software or Logic's Pitch-Correction plugin. At the end you should know how to achieve famous vocal from Daft Punk - One More Time.

Tutorial: How to make a Daft Punk - One More Time vocal effect

Taming Wild Mastering Levels

It's a second and again very, very good article presented here and written by David Moulton. It's again about mastering - to be more specific, about mastering levels. What can I say - it's a must-read article :)

In my last piece on mastering I mentioned a friendly little game played by clients called The "Make My Record LOUDEST Of All!" Game." In this highly competitive blood sport, clients beg, threaten, cajole and extort the mastering engineer to get him/her to make their particular mixes sound louder than any other CD on the planet. They often bring in their favorite LOUD CDs and say, "Beat this!" Lotta fun, especially when you've got a stack of unpaid bills.

Article: Taming Wild Mastering Levels

Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack

That's probably the most expensive deal introduced on VstCafe but ... it's a good deal :)
Don't Crack Store offers stunning 47 plugins bundle from well known Nomad Factory plugins developer, for a 398 $ instead of 4613 $.
Well, this 4613 $ seems a little bit of marketing blabla because you can get this bundle from official Nomad Factory online store for $1499.00 (but I'm not sure if that's 100% same product) but it's still an amazing deal.

I mean, even now the single Nomad Factory BlueVerb DRV-2080 - "a vintage-style world-class recording studio reverb" costs 179 $ and that's just one plugin. One from 47 hehe... The good thing is that you can download 15 days tryout demo. The authorisation is challenge / response and only one serial is needed to authorize 47 plugins ;P

The following 47 Plug-Ins Bundle from Nomad Factory contains everything you might ever need to get the best out of your audio sequencer host application in a professional studio environment.
From the warm analog sound of the new Blue Tubes Bundle V3 to the professional processing capabilities of the Analog Signature Pack, the complete Liquid Bundle 2 stunning effect Pack bundle completed by the beautiful BlueVerb DRV-2080, the essential Studio Suite for even more great audio processing, the new Analog Mastering Tools and the Retrology Series, finally the hot Rock Amp Legends designed by Rock Star Jimmy Crespo...

The promotion lasts till 15 November 2009. If you need tons of plugins, maybe that's the deal for you :)

ps. Shame I still can't afford it :P

Demos: NomadFactory.com
More info: Nomad Factory 47 plugins bundle

Impulse Responses Library - irlibrary.org

It's quite easy to find some Impulse Response files - they're just spreaded all over the Internet :) What does IR mean ? It's an audio recording used to recreate the acoustic characteristics of a specific environment or filter. Recording a gunshot or a balloon pop provides a good approximation of a space's impulse response. Whether depicting a real space (such as a church with lots of echo), or a specific piece of audio gear (such as a classic tape machine), an impulse response allows one to digitally apply the sound captured by the IR.

There's (at least) one neat place with a lot of Impulse Response files, organized in categories and overall very, very handy - it's irlibrary.org (via Bedroom Producers blog)

Link: IR Library

Tips 'n' Tricks for Mastering

David Moulton is an audio engineer, author, composer, educator and acoustician. With degrees in music from Bard College and the Juilliard School of Music, Moulton began working in audio in the late 1960s... Now, thanks to Izotope Company, we can read few articles about mastering, written by David.

"Tips 'n' Tricks for Mastering" is a very informative article. I suggest just reading it if you're interested in mastering your own records.
Mastering continues to be one of those tantalizing pursuits where we'd all like to do it, but aren't sure quite what is needed. Meanwhile, we hear sage advice telling us to leave it alone. "Don't do any fancy compression," we're told. "Leave that for the mastering engineer. He or she has very special compressors that will do a much better job than you can do."
Article: Tips 'n' Tricks for Mastering by David Moulton

Zebra CM - Deadmau5 Faxing Berlin Tutorial

Step-by-step Zebra CM synth programming tutorial, published at MusicRadar.com which will help you to create this quite famous sound coming from Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin...

Tutorial: How to make a Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin style synth sound

Ableton - Minimal Techno Drums: Adding Space and Dimension

Dubspot Instructor, Michael Hatsis, shows how to add Space and Dimension to Minimal Techno style drums.


Creating a House Bass/Lead with NI FM8

It's just an another tutorial... ;)


26 Trance Production Tips

Some may criticize me that I'm using MusicRadar way too often, after all you can just enter their website and see all these tutorials but to be honest I prefer to have everything useful on one site - VstCafe site ;) So, it's another MusicRadar's article - 26 Trance producetion tips. Just read it if you're about trance music :)

Tutorial: 26 Trance Production Tips

10 years of Ableton

To celebrate Able10 (ten years of Ableton) anniversary, the Ableton team is giving away 10 free, exclusive Live Packs from some Ableton artists. These Packs require Live 8.0.9 or higher. To install a Pack, download it, unzip it and double-click the .alp file.
Overall, there's about 1,4 GB of Live Packs - nice giveaway :)

But that's not all - everyone who has Ableton, can upgrade to latest Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8 with 20 % discount. I still use Live Suite 7 so I guess I'll finally upgrade my beloved DAW ;) Of course new customers can also benefit from this 20 % discount + there's new product available - Ableton Intro priced at very good price - about $99 / €99.

More info: Ableton Anniversary Free 10 Live Packs

Talented guy

I'm jealous because I can't master even one instrument yet this guy mastered drums, bass guitar, guitar and piano :)


Flute samples

80 Acoustic flute loops, shots and fx's in wav format, 24 bit, 44,1 Khz, Stereo, 46 mb created by cyberworm (flute playing by Decado/Fluter). You never know when you'll need a flute sound in your track :)

Download: Cyberworm's sample blog

Morfiki MassTurboTar VSTi

Morfiki massTURBOtar is a hybrid synthesizer powered by quite unique morphing capabilities. The basic goal is to let you manipulate your sound easily. How it is done ? Every preset has up to five so called MORFIKI sub-presets. Thanks to "morph" knob, you can morph between these sub-presets.

It's very easy, very intuivite (and fun too :D) and actually it helps to create (almost instantly) interesting presets. I'm surprised that no one (?) tried this approach before. I mean, imagine Waldorf Largo with it's 4 layers and a possiblity to dynamically morph between them just to create an unique preset. But it's not about the morfiki system only. I really like the FM Modulation functionality merged into one knob along with Oscillator's Waveforms. It's amazingly easy to create nice presets just by tweaking 2-3 knobs (Osc1 Ctrl, Osc2 + Morph knob).

massTURBOtar is one of the entries for KVR Developer Challenge 2009 and judging by the comments it's definitely one of the favourites.

Download: massTURBOtar | Morfiki.blogspot.com

Synthesizing an analog clap sound

Synthesizing an analog clap sound (as well as other drum sounds) is not an easy task but thanks to Waveformless blog you can see the whole process of creating such sound using great FXpansion's plugin called Strobe.

Tutorial: Waveformless Blog - Rolling your own drum sounds: The Clap

SampleRadar: 293 Free Trance samples (510 mb)

293 free Trance Samples from SampleRadar splitted into instrumental categories: Basslines, Drums, Explosions, Leads, Pads and Trance Piano. The Drums folder features both loops and single hits. They're royalty-free, so you can in your music in any way you like – all the MusicRadar is asking for that you don't re-distribute them. 510 mb of samples that originally appeared in Computer Music magazine's DVD is always a worthy download

Download: 293 Free Trance Samples

Famous Sounds

"Famous sounds" are sounds that have been created or used by somebody, liked and then copied by many others, and thus earned a "classic" status.
At SynthMania.com you can find a nice famous sounds / loops list based on article that appeared in the October 1995 issue of Keyboard magazine, titled "20 Sounds That Must Die". Mp3 examples are included so you have a chance to hear the famous "sound of a computer" :) or just Yamaha DX7, Roland TR-808...

Article: SynthMania.com - Famous Sounds