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George Yohng's W1 Limiter

Another brick-wall Limiter entry - I guess it's the last one and ... the best :) Seriously, I wasn't expecting this. An official website says "It's a clone of Waves L1" legendary limiter - yeah, right ... ;)

But since I've already had few limiter plugins then why not download another one and test it ? George Yohng's W1 Limiter is not a newest plugin - it was released in 2005 but actually who cares ? The most important question is: does it sound good ? Well, I don't know if it's Waves L1 clone or not but the point is - it limits and miximizes the sound better than Kjaerhus Classic Limiter and Jeroen Breebart Barricade. Yes, I'm subjective here - the whole blog is subjective :) Just download it and test it. I believe these three limiters are the best freeware limiters. If you think different - comments are waiting ;) There is also nice comparison between this freebie and original Waves L1 which costs 300 $.

ps. There's Mac version available too. Don't expect an amazing "analogue" gui because ... there's no GUI :)

Download: George Yohng's W1 Limiter


Jan said...

And even better: with the betabugs GUI!

Greeg said...

Great info. thanks :)

Nyhde said...

I've always liked the W1. It pretty much does what it says and it does it well. I also like the buzzroom Buzmaxi 3 ( http://www.x-buz.com/BuzMaxi3.html ) and the Tinbrooketales TL 4032 Pocket Limiter ( http://hem.bredband.net/tbtaudio/archive/newtbtvstplugins.htm )

Both worth checking out.

Greeg said...

thanks for the info. Maybe during the next weekend I'll test the limiters further :) The volume on master bus was slightly above 0 db and I was just testing how each limiter can handle it :)

As a reference I had my original material (some progressive house tune) limited by Sonnox Limiter (lovely limiter, shame it's not mine ;) ). Then I compared it with:
- Ableton Limiter - didnt impress me (pretty strange because I use Ableton effects mostly and Im satisfied, but not this time hehe)
- Loudmax - poorest one
- Kjaerhus Limiter - not bad, below Ableton
- JB Barricade - a tiny little bit above Kjaerhus and below Ableton but somehow I like it better than Ableton Limiter.
- W1 Limiter - it was really getting pretty close to the original material, and definitely was better than Ableton limiter. As a maximizer it works nicely too.

Was going to test Pocket Limiter but got lazy ;)

Thomas R. said...

Hi Greeg!

I use the Kjaerhus Limiter only at the beginning of my mix. Just to see whether the limiter is working or not (red lights). Then i switch to the antress modern limiter. It sounds a lot better (chech it out!). Sometimes, depending on the music style, the W1 sounds better. The W1 limiter is indeed a good free limiter.

By the way, i like your nice website

Greeg said...

Cheers ;)

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