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I've discovered this gem quite accidentally. Short story ? Very nice plugin for all (classic) trance lovers, supersaws, epic trance pads. If you like Genesis CM or Superwave P8 (which honestly, I'm not a fan ;) ) virtual instruments, you'll like TranceDrive for sure.

First impression ? No, not another SynthMaker plugin. Sorry for all kind of SynthMaker plugin developers but a lot of people feel the same - it's hard to name even one "good" synth while there are at least few nice SynthEdit made plugins.

TranceDrive is actually the first SynthMaker made synth that impressed me. It's packed with a lot of features (dual FM knobs, all kind of effects - reverb, delay, phaser, chorus, eq, flanger, distortion, stereo enhancer) but the secret weapon is a "supersaw" wave, which can sound very warm. It's quite easy to create epic, "Rank 1 - Airwave"-type pads. Three oscillators, each supersaw and unison mode can do some real, epic mess ;)

Interface is very clean but how about CPU ? Sure, epic pads with looong release, most effects turned on, eat a lot of CPU but I think that everyone will be able to find a nice balance between complexity and CPU usage. There are only few presets available (looks quite beta - it's hard actually to find info about this synth :) ), some have too much release and reverb, but they do really show what TranceDrive is capable of. Personally, this plugin is a very nice surprise for me.

Please send the author some feedback! Judging by his website, he seems a creative guy :) Just check out his homepage: www.yedey.com

Download: Maik Menz Trancedrive (Standalone + VSTi version)


Anonymous said...

this was really fun to play around with... i am a beginner and actually learned quite a bit of random things just by messing around with this one. a shame there are so few presets, but the ones there are fun and easy to tweak.

100F said...

hey great thanks!

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