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Phase Distortion Synth - Kassiopeia! 2.0

Phase distortion synthesis is quite forgotten synthesis method, introduced in 1984 by Casio, in its CZ range of synths. It's similar to FM (frequency modulation) synthesis in the sense that both methods "dynamically change the harmonic content of a carrier waveform by application of another waveform (modulator) in the time domain".
While Casio introduced the term 'phase distortion', it's actually Yamaha who produced the first Phase distortion synthesizers in their DX series (which were promoted as FM synths).

Kassiopeia! 2.0 is free (and probably the best) Casio CZ Inspired Dual Line Phase Distortion virtual Synthesizer. Quite often I hear: "FM Synth ? Nah, that's not for me". How about PD Synth ? :) Kassiopeia is entertaining, easy to use and you don't need to be a master of Phase Distortion synthesis to create some interesting sounds. It offers 32 presets - not much, but very clean gui (I love it) almost invites to create new presets :) It's worth mentioning that Kassiopeia is very CPU friendly and included PDF manual has a commercial product quality :)

Speaking about commercial products. If you're looking for commercial Casio CZ like synth then released in 2003, ReFX PlastiCZ, reviewed at Phatso Brown seems pretty nice vst toy :)

Download: Sonic Assault Kassiopeia! 2.0
More info: Phase Distortion Synthesis described and FM / PD comparison


Anonymous said...

I think Kassiopeia! 2 is the best CZ emulation/inspired synth.
About commercial products, I prefer CZynthia.

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