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Roland D-50

Another portion of pure hardware inspiration from great japanese website Musictrack.jp. This time it's Roland D-50 - polyphonic 61-key synthesizer. It was released in 1987 to compete with Yamaha DX7 and was much easier to use.

The D-50 was the first affordable synthesizer to combine sample playback (8-bit PCM samples) with digital synthesis, a process that Roland called Linear Arithmetic synthesis. The engineers at Roland determined the most difficult component of a realistic instrument to simulate is the attack, so the D-50 included almost 100 sampled attacks in ROM. The synthesizer played back an attack, while the rest of the sound came from the LAS section which sounds very analog, with subtractive-style synthesis and low-pass-resonant filters. Built-in chorus and (for the first time) digital reverb are also included so naturally D-50 was great for new and non-acoustic, percussive, ethereal and beautiful pads & sounds. Some even state that "It is the warmest digital synth that you will ever find." :)

This popular synth has been widely used in all forms of music. It was used extensively in Michael Jackson's Bad album, mostly using factory presets because the album was produced so soon after the D-50's release. The synthetic lead trumpet sound from Paula Abdul's hit record "Straight Up" features the D-50 preset. And of course Jean Michel Jarre and tons of other artists...


Anonymous said...

So where is the D50 vst then???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

chris@dvinfo.net spam me!!!!

Anonymous said...

fail post...nosuch thingas a d-50 vst

Greeg said...

there is no D-50 vst - it's just a "Hardware Preview"

Reg said...


I just found this 950 meg Kontakt Instrument...

If you Google "Roland D50 VST" there are some Kontakt GUI images showing a Kontakt version of the D50...

It looks realistic...it's the first time I've seen this - and I own LOTS of plugins...

Never found a good D50 though!

Only some crappy sound fonts here and there and that dreadful Puremagnetic P50 for Ableton which sucks big time...

There are none of the original classic presets included...

I "HOPE" this version works (download link above)

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