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1 Year Anniversary

Yep, on 21th February 2009 Vst Cafe started so it looks like we have a 1 Year Anniversary :) Honestly, I wasn't a fan of blogging. It seemed weird - I mean, who would want to read some crap produced by one person ? ;) But somehow I realised that blogging can be funny, even for non native english speaking guy.

Vst Cafe "database" contains 68 Vst Instruments. Now I know that while it's quite easy to pick 10-20 best, free soft synths, it's much harder to introduce more plugins without turning the site into some kind of "best 10000 plugins" list ;) Selecting vst effects is even bigger challenge because, well during this year, I learnt a lot just by reviewing plugins but I'm not a professional. Effects require much more knowledge (at least that's my opinion :p) because there are so many of them - reverbs, delays, distortions, compressors, limiters etc. My goal is not to "overload" each category. That's why there are only three limiters, five reverbs and so on.

Sorry, that if I write about DAWs, it's 99 % about Ableton Live - it's just I use it all the time, I know it pretty well. I have quite good comparison with Computer Music / Future Music included tutorials and also I subscribe Sonicacademy.com tutorials so I can judge Ableton Live tutorials properly. Introducing tutorials for other DAWs would be too random...

I think about moving to wordpress but I'm not sure if I can handle it. Converting posts into wordpress seems boring and requires tons of work ;). Maybe someone has some experience with it ? But it's my fault - since the beginning I've planned to pick wordpress but was too lazy to setup it and buy hosting :D Blogger was quicker to setup hehe. On the other hand I wasn't expecting that I'll become addicted blogger ;)

Overall, I hope that you like the blog. If you feel that some plugins are missing, just comment or mail me. Also if you're "commercial" developer and you think that your product fits "Value for money" category - contact me. When I review instruments I usually look for two things: sound quality, something unique, unusual. Of course, it's all subjective. There are many subtractive synths so the selection is naturally pretty strict here. If some category (ie. Synthesized Drum Synths) lacks plugins then my selection is less strict.
About something unique, unusual. Hmmm. Sometimes it's about features (ie. MassTurboTar's ability to morph between presets, or FM modulation knob merged into "oscillator knob"), sometimes it's about presets (ie. latest addition - VOPM VSTi; I mean ~ 10000 sounds from old 16-bit Sega Genesis/Megadrive games requires some attention) and sometimes it's about fun factor (ie. Elektrostudio plugins) :)

Anyway, I'll drink for Vst Cafe today. One beer but still... :D


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! :)
I'm glad of the work you made this year
thank you!


Jan said...

Thanks for the first year. Don't move to another platform. Waste of time, imho. It's the content that counts!

100F said...

congratz man!!!!
and thank you for all the work and love put into this place!

Anonymous said...


martin said...

found your blogg a few weeks ago, and now i check it almost every day. hope to read it for another year.

happy anniversary.

Nyhde said...

Happy anniversary Greeg! Congratulations on your landmark!

It's really great to have a site like VST Cafe around. I've found many wonderful plugins (Elektrostudios for great justice!) and a few other cool sites to follow from reading your posts. I even bought my first commercial VST plugin (Phoscyon) because I found out about the Christmas sale from you.

Thank you for the first year of this superb blog!

Your reader,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Greeg, really nice blog, I just found it and I'm looking forward to getting concise updates on VST.

And don't worry about the host you work in or blog format, if you feel like it change to wordpress, if it's too much work, leave it alone and focus on the main thing, getting the articles out :)
And I work in Live too, it's pretty simple and most options can be translated into other hosts if you're familiar with them, so it's just a matter of personal preference but still even Reasonists and Logic-users can make sense of it if they got the adequate amount of knowledge in producing. Nie przejmuj sie.

Wolfgang said...

Dear Gregg, congratulations for your anniversary, for sharing and your dedication to provide quality. I am sure that your blog is more appreciated than you are aware. Sending you my best wishes and may new doors open for you and bring exiting opportunities and fun your way. Wolfgang

Anonymous said...

happy Birthday Greg!
it's a very interesting Blog

Greeg said...

thanks guys :)

the arceologist said...

Congratulations Greeg, VST Cafe is a "must go to " for info. many thanks for your hard work :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats man, great blog.

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