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Roland JP-8000

The Roland JP-8000 is an analog modeling synthesizer released by the Roland in 1997 to compete with many other analog modeling synthesizers of the period such as the Access Virus and Clavia Nord Lead.
It combined the fat, powerful sounds associated with vintage analog synths with the flexibility of digital technology and MIDI.

The JP-8000 had several features that differed it from other analog modeling synthesizers of the time. Most notably, Roland’s unique oscillator types (“Feedback” and “Supersaw”) and the use of sliders instead of knobs to edit patch parameters. The idea behind the Supersaw is to emulate the sound of more than one sawtooth oscillator using just one oscillator. The waveform is described as a freerun oscillator and it’s shape is produced from 7 sawtooth oscillators detuned against each other over a period of time.

Just like the legendary TB-303 was characteristic for Acid styles, the JP-8000 was very popular in certain subgenres of Trance music called “Epic Trance”, “Anthem Trance” (and also Euro Dance music).

Of course, it would be very wrong to limit the appeal of this synth to the Super Saw – JP-8000 is a fantastic, all round performer, capable of a myriad of beautiful, innovative and powerful sounds.

It’s just trance producers abused it to create far too many, similar euro dance, trance leads, pads…

… but I still love that typical trance “epic pad” at 0:28 🙂