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8749 Synth1 Patches !!!

Community can always bring some new, amazing ideas :) EvilDragon (a.k.a. DragonSagoth) has packed all available Synth1 soundbanks into one big rar file which contains stunning amount of 8749 Synth1 presets !!!
Inside the file there's also a little "hack" (reg file) which let's Synth1 to use up to 100 banks at once, instead of default 10 banks (I guess). Amazing stuff.

Update: It's not a hack, It's just the latest Synth1 version (link below) can handle 100 sound banks...

Download: Synth1 8749 Patches | Synth1 v1.08 2010.4

Download: (Updated) Synth1 9006 Patches


Anonymous said...

Its not a hack :) Its because the newest version can hold 100 banks now as Ichiro toda updated it. The reg file is just there to let Synth1 recognize all banks.

I love your blog :D


Anonymous said...

8749 presets? This are only those old ones already available from the web since years. The sysex patches from Nord Lead and so on...

S no need to check them again :(

Greeg said...

Ahhh, thanks for clarification :)

Greeg said...

About a presets - as far as I know, person responsible for this pack, updates it with latest findings so it's not the old stuff only :)

Anonymous said...


Ryan said...

That's a crazy amount of presets! Time to break out the Synth1 again! Thanks for another great post!


Anonymous said...

Arg, Link Dead...

Greeg said...

Thanks for info. Link updated (and I guess an author added more soundbanks :) )

Anonymous said...

im not understanding the installation process. can anyone help clarify with w7? thanks alot. appreciated it.

djanvil said...

damn, you're so sick ;) and i thought i've collected many soundsets for legendary best free synth 1 ;) thank you very mutch.

Greeg said...

More presets / tutorials


emphryio said...

Might be easier to learn how to make sounds then scrolling through eight thousand presets. :) (But whatever works for people of course.)

Greeg said...

haha, totally agree :) the amount of presets is truly crazy.

On the other hand (more serious :) ) , it would take me about hmm 7 "evenings" to check every preset and add favourite one to my custom favourite soundbank. This could narrow the list to about 500 the best presets.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your efforts to aggregate all these patches and for sharing with us. :-)

Anonymous said...

could anyone sand me sinth.ini file on vukasinkankaras@yahoo.com, i just cant find mine....
also reg batch is crushing all the time.
having 9000 is great but i cant play it all
there are none who can... so i must select the good ones too
i made soundbank11....soundbank 22 in order to arrange 9000 but then i found freaking program sees only 10 banks... fuckit... any help ?

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