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Another Angular Momentum free entry (Freehand vst instrument was reviewed few weeks ago) - Unifyer 3. Anything interesting about it ? Well, it reminds me magware CM Genesis synth a little bit. Just like in CM Genesis, there are two oscillators available, powered with serious detuning possibilities thanks to up to 8 voices unison mode per oscillator. This feature makes Unifyer quite nice for all kind of supersaw-like leads, fat detuned basslines etc.

But there are differences. Unifyer 3 is monophonic synth which means that it's suited mainly for leads and basses. Each oscillator, instead of just classic waveforms only, has 68 waveforms implemented. I must say it's quite fun to just set oscillator to 8 voice unison mode, set some detuning and just scroll through the waveforms - quite nice pallette of sounds can be produced very quick.

Output sound can be shaped with additional effects such as EQ, double delay unit and three filters - one per oscillator and global one. There's also an arpeggiator with groove adjust option available.

Biggest flaw ? In my opition, this synth has a nice potential to create a lot of detuned basses, leads very quick, but there are only 32 presets available. So if you don't like to program your own presets, it's better to just skip this synth. But if you love tweaking knobs just like I do then give it a try... :)

Download: Angular Momentum Unifyer 3


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