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Small rant about music

I used to (back in ~ 2000) love Trance music (just like many other genres: Rock, Pop, even Heavy Metal - probably because of my older brother who was listening a lot of Slayer, Kreator etc. ;) ). It was new, fresh, original (Chicane - Saltwater; Thrillseekers - Synaesthaesia) but during last 10 years it turned into repetive, non-creative music without soul. But is it about trance (well, uplifting trance on the videos below) music only ? Maybe the whole music industry has collapsed or even ... whole world is going into the wrong direction ? It seems like it's not about quality anymore - it's about quantity. It's about quantity in music industry, it's about quantity in cars industry etc. I mean, how many tunes are released on Beatport for example ? Hundreds, hundreds per day. Are there any tunes worth listening ? Yea, like one, two per day...

I really like this post about electronic (EDM) music overall.

"99% of the minimal and techno stuff released on the digital download sites, is shit. Not because I don't like it, or you don't like it. It is so, because we all feel that there was no real effort put in to make it, no real creativity used in the process of making it, there's no soul in the music, no thoughts, no message. It is again, sad, and depressing, but it is unfortunately true. "

"Have produced a tune? Is it crap? Never mind, find a small enough label, or start your own, release it. Probably no one will buy it, but U still can put it in your bio, U still can boast of it among your friends. You're a producer now, because you have a commercial release. Oh my, you can also find a radio station, there are thousands. You can surely find one, which will let you host a show, and so you can play your tune out. No one really cares if there's only 6 people listening to it overall..you have a show, you have a release, so you're now a decent dj/producer, and that's all what matters to *masses* of people nowadays."

What was the reason to write this blog entry ? Watch ;)


miaousse said...

All super saw powered o_O

BSamaritain said...

Sam here. Into Trance since 1999 and have the same feeling about this direction the music is going into. Not Trance only, but as a long year listener it might be just more noticable as I do know more about details in this genre as in any other. Nice to bring that up. Its time to get back to quality and get producers, labels and audience on the same stage, where we all recognize where we at and make a change about that. So many lovely new instruments and possibilities, but seems I just dont notice them and its just VEC samples and Nexus presents everywhere. Have a nice weekend, I go tweak some synths now!

Ratonez said...

What all these people need is to study just a little bit of MUSIC! And not just COPY/PASTE.

Ratonez said...

By the way, nice work!

Greeg said...

thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Trance music created after 1995 sucks, IMO
when it was new and fresh and interesting in the beginning of the nineties, it was really great though.
My interest in it faded in the second half og the nineties, though.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - ChokeLine (170BPM)

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