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WusikStation Mid-2010 Group Buy

Only about 1 week left (the deal ends on 1 September 2010) and I almost forgot about it :) Wusik.com offers another group buy for their WusikStation / EVE products. I won't be subjective here because I'm a WusikStation fan :). If you don't have any "big" stuff like ie. Spectrasonics Omnisphere then WusikStation is probably the best deal you can get, packed with tons of sounds.

So, what's included ?
1. Wusik Station V6 (Windows only) - Wusik's flagship product. Sampler / Rompler and Synth instrument filled with gigabytes of samples. Since "unlimited credits membership" (credits are used to download additional sample / preset libraries) is included too then there's something around hmm 15 GB of instrumets / samples :)
2. Wusik Station V7 Preorder (Windows + for the first time I guess MAC !)
3. Wusik EVE V2/V3 (Win / Mac) - Electronic Vintage Ensemble synth, which recreates the early age of electronics in pop, rock and jazz music from the 1960’s and 1970’s.
4. Wusik Fuse Box Preorder (Win / Mac) - A Multi VSTi Manager / Chainer. "The idea behind Wusik Fuse Box, is to be able to work with multiple instances of any VSTi in the same location."

So far 82 people decided to join the Group Buy which means that we have reached Level 4.

Discount List: ( Full / Upgrade - prices in USD)
Level 4 - 76 ~ 100 Users = $ 69.95 / 49.95
Level 5 - Over 100 Users = $ 59.95 / 39.95

Note that every group buy ended with more than 100 users and I'm sure that this time will be the same :) If it end up with 100 or more people then new Sound Library (Ametrine Ravernator - Fire and Ice Edition) will be added too which means 8.4 GB / 700 new presets for Wusik for free :)

What kind of sounds Wusik offers ? Really, there's everything there. Synths, Pads, Atmospheres, Strings, Basses, Vintage stuff etc. If it's still not enough then you can get my small (well, not that small ;) ), released few months ago, 63 presets library (works for Wusik V5 / V6, but it's best to download demo presets since it uses lot's of "wusik membership" samples). Small demo - it's only one instance of Wusikstation, no tricks, just 100 % one synth.

More info: Wusik.com - 2010 Group-buy | Designasound.com Soundbank


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