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Z3ta+ 1.5.3 Soundbank & Factory Library Updates

I'm the one (from hundreds, I guess ;) ) who bought Cakewalk Z3ta+ 1.5.3 for 20 $. I remember that quite a lot of soundbanks were released few years ago but the problem is that older versions of Z3ta+ didn't have Oversampling implemented. As a result, old presets loaded into latest version of Z3ta (1.5.3) don't have oversampling set att all and they sound plain horrible LoFi.

I decided to pick randomly one, old soundbank and see if I can fix this. I picked "Vintage and Dance", originally created by Peter Schelfhout (somewhere around ... 2002 ;) ) and changed Oversampling for each preset to x1.0 (well, there are 4-5 presets with x2.0 oversampling) and quality to: High. Also, few presets were totally crashing latest Z3ta+ so I replaced them with init sound (which means silence) - about 3-4 sounds were replaced.

The soundbank contains some dance (trance) sounds but there are also pretty nice vintage synth leads, pads, basses.

That's not all ;) One of the most annoying things in Z3ta+ is a ... factory library. Non categorized 768 presets really drives me crazy but luckily CapdanX (from KvR forum) did a great job and categorized it. At the moment there are 525 presets so it's still "work in progress..." but honestly 525 categorized sounds are so much better than 768 placed in totally random order :)

Download: Factory Library Categorized
Download: Vintage and Dance Soundbank updated for latest Z3ta 1.5.3


Jan said...

No .fxb in the Vintage and Dance bank?

Greeg said...

You can load the .128 file via Z3ta+ Bank button -> Load .128

I didnt save FXB bank from Z3ta+ because it would automatically save 768 presets which would mean 128 presets from Dance & Vintage + factory presets, and I didnt want it :)

Greeg said...

I could do it using minihost but it was crashing quite often with this soundbank so I couldnt limit the fxb size to 128.

Damn it, I dont think anyone will understand this ;) It just I had problems saving FXB with 128 presets. All I could was to save FXB with 768 presets (which would mean factory presets included).

So I decided to go with .128 format

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