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Moog Minimoog Demo

Even if I don’t undestand a word (Japanese ? 🙂 ), Katsunori Ujiie’s (MusicTrack.jp) hardware instrument demos are probably the best one, you can find on youTube. This guy certainly knows how to tweak the beast – very inspiring 🙂

The Minimoog is a monophonic analog synthesizer, invented by Bill Hemsath and Robert Moog. Released in 1970 by R.A. Moog Inc. (Moog Music after 1972), and stopped production in 1981.

The Minimoog was designed in response to the use of synthesizers in rock and pop music. Large modular synthesizers were expensive, large, and delicate, and were not ideal for live performance; the Minimoog was designed to include the most important parts of a modular synthesizer in a compact package, without the need for patch cords. It later surpassed this original purpose, however, and became a distinctive and popular instrument in its own right. It remains in demand today, nearly four decades after its introduction, for it’s intuitive design and powerful bass and lead sounds.

You can’t talk about the Minimoog without mentioning it’s filters. Amazingly, Dr. Moog’s filter design has yet to be surpassed by a better sounding filter. It’s a filter that sounds so warm and smooth that Moog rival ARP tried to copy it for their 2600 and Odyssey synths. The Minimoog has a 4-pole (24 dB/oct) low-pass with the typical cutoff, resonance, ADS envelope and keybd tracking controls. There are also some very cool modulation possibilities via LFO, and external audio can be processed. Every editable parameter is on the front panel and clearly laid out.

It is used by The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer, Nine Inch Nails, Vince Clarke, Gary Numan, Add N To (X), Rick Wakeman, 808 State, Air, Future Sound of London, Bushflange, Chick Corea, Überzone, Depeche Mode, Recoil, Tangerine Dream, Mouse on Mars, Apollo 440, Ultravox, Dave Holmes, Jean-Michel Jarre, George Duke, Blondie, Rush, Toto, Jimmy Edgar, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Vangelis, Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock and many more. [wikipedia / vintagesynth.com]

You can find more synth demos at MusicTrack.jp YouTube channel.