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NastyDLA - Classic chorus echo effect

NastyDLA is the latest plugin released, about a month ago, by Bootsie (Variety Of Sound). It's a classic chorus echo device with some signal coloring features and tape-delay simulation.

There aren't many chorus, delay plugins available for free so NastyDLA is pretty much a gem. The quality is very high - it's a commercial plugins quality. Just listen to the one of the Bootsie's examples.
In this short demo a static pattern is used and NastyDLA is going to be in charge as a tape delay replacement. The chorus is not used in this example but the plug-ins coloring possibilities are shown to some extend

Download: Variety Of Sound - NastyDLA


Anonymous said...

This guy calls himself a 'Computer scientist' and he makes 'synthmaker' plugins.

They do not work properly in either Reaper,Protools or Logic ie. ALL the major professional sequencers.

He also only allows nut-huggers to comment on his site and deletes ANY constructive comments or critisms about his 'Synthmaker' plugins.

He is not a computer scientist,if he were he would have been hired by a major company like many other REAL programmers. He is just a bedroom hobbyist who uses Synthmaker,like MANY others.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. You do realize they don't work in ProTools and Logic because those hosts aren't vst compatible? Oh you didn't know that? Sounds like you really know what you're talking about there.

Anonymous said...

Regarding to the first comment... Your conclusions are definitely wrong:

Synthmaker is just used to assemble the final plug-in, all elements under the hood are programmed by Bootsy.

Why those don't work in Logic and Pro Tools was told by commenter no.2 . I know people who used Bootsies Stuff in Logic 5.5 PC for a long time without problems. I use them in Ableton Live for a long time without any problems.

It's not right to blame Bootsy that he wouldn't listen to critisms and feature requests. Maybe your critism was as constructive and full of knowledge as your post above. ;-)

If you don't believe that he's a computer scientist, I think he wouldn't care. I know that he earns his money in a big German technology company as a computer scientist and I'm quite sure, he gets much more there, than a music software company could pay him.

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