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How To Produce Massive Skrillex Basslines

"Skrillex sound" is another popular sound such as previous "Deadmau5 sound", "Supersaw" etc. Sooner or later everyone will hate it ;) But it all doesn't matter - synthesis is all about learning and that's why I wrote this blog entry :).

The synth is NI Massive and the sound is similar (and even if it isn't, it's still quite nice example of using LFO + Bitcrusher, Distortion units) to Skrillex wobble basslines.


Anonymous said...

so how?

DJ-N00B said...

Could you please post the presets for massive and ohmni, i tried to follow this but i didnt get any where close the only bitcrusher i found was pretty limited

Commodianus said...

The Curve settings are not default, they were obviously changed prior to what he shows for editing 5 LFO, and I have no idea what the settings are.

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