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Ed said...

I'm an absolute sufferer of blending the steps together, especially sound design, arrangement, and mixdown. I get too involved with the "final product" too early in the process.

I literally have different hats in the studio that I put on depending on what stage I plan to be in... when I remember to actually wear them, of course. It's kind of a mnemonic device or a prop to get me in the right frame of mind.

When I AM able to get myself to segment the process, I actually end up with more ideas and the whole process is much more fun and interactive - I get lost in the music, so to speak, and that's really the whole point for me - to enjoy the time spent in the studio. It's just a matter of turning off that inner judge that wants to constantly tweak to perfection. It's a constant struggle, but when I win, I find that my time is MUCH better spent.

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