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This is what Dubstep sounds like to your parents

This is what Dubstep sounds like to your parents ;)


Anonymous said...

Dubstep sounds like this to everyone with a proper musical ear. It's just a sad version of D n B.

Anonymous said...

May the senior-citizen poster before me die in a fire

Anonymous said...

Hardly anyone who has put their heart into creating original music would say dubstep is anything other than the worst music fad of our time.

Anonymous said...

I'm in an original metal band. I also play Jazz, Blues, Country, Classical, Acoustic, and just about every other genre. I'm also a DNB and Dubstep producer. Worst music fad of our time? You're wrong mate. That'd be pop. Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Ke$ha, and so on. That shit isn't music. Dubstep is harder to produce than you'd think. You can't just fire up a DAW and have at it. You have to learn your DAW inside and out, not to mention your VSTs. What an LFO does. What an operator is. What a filter is. How to tune them. How to make it sound exactly how you want it to. Dubstep has tons of creativity in it. Much unlike pop. Have you ever listened to the words of modern pop? They're all the same. So next time you want to bash, make sure you don't generalize. ;)

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, but I think it's all pretty good. Even pop. It all serves it's purpose in music.

Anonymous said...

at least pop has words mate
dubstep sounds like transformers whacking off

Anonymous said...

I agree, I also play a variety of genres and have studied music for many years. Making dubstep is a combination of music, sound design and production skills. It's a very difficult genre to produce. It's a mix of music and technology and it's the kind of thing that makes is move forward towards the next music era

Anonymous said...

If I was a transformer dubstep would be my porn ;)

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