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Lennar Digital Sylenth1: Soundbanks round-up 01

Synth factory presets quite often are just average. One of the key reasons is that, as a developer, you don't want to wait forever for your completed product (synth) to be released. On the other hand, sound designers need quite a lot of time to master new synth, to discover some new, interesting tricks - it's like: the more time you spend with synth, the better presets you'll create so naturally there is some kind of a time conflict. Developers want to release their "ready to go" (except factory presets) product fast, sound designers want it slow :)

I mean, sure you may (as a customer) just state: "ohh, what a crap factory presets" and buy another synth but quickly you'll end up having 20-30 synths with some general, "bread & butter" factory presets which usually don't fully explore synth's sonic possibilities.

I prefer to have less synths but expand them with third party, additional soundbanks. Why ? Third party soundbanks usually have better quality (sound designers have enough time to fully explore synth) and are suited more to certain style, genres. Factory banks often are some kind of a demo whispering to your ear: "look, I can sound like this (ie. some Ambient texture sound) and I can sound like that (ie. some Trance arpeggio sound)". But the point is - if you're for example a progressive house producer then you don't need ambient texture, you don't need trance arp :) You need some bass, you need some big room plucks etc. And third party soundbanks deliver this.

I would like to start a new series of articles. Each article will focus on one synth and will contain possibly the biggest list of links to both commercial and free additional third party soundbanks. So today it's probably the most popular Electronic Dance Music (virtual) synth ever - Lennar Digital Sylenth1. By default, it has one of the biggest factory libraries available, suited mostly for Trance genre but with these additional third party banks you may expand Sylenth with hundreds of presets.

I decided to not include the prices because there are (almost) always some kind of a promotions so the article quickly would be out of date.

ps. If there are some more Sylenth1 soundbanks not listed here, post the info in comments and I'll add it to the list.

Commercial Soundbanks:

Pablo Decoder House Patches for Sylenth
Keywords: House, Lead, Pad, Tech House
Presets: 64

Keywords: Trance, Bass, Lead, Pad, Synth
Presets: 64

CFA-Sound Synergy Vol. 1
Keywords: Trance, Hard-Trance, Lead, Bass, Seq
Presets: 128

CFA-Sound Synergy Vol.2
Keywords: Lead, Pluck, Bass, Pad, Trance, Hard-Trance
Presets: 128

Jody Wisternoff Progressive and Tech Sylenth Presets
Keywords: Progressive House & Tech, Lead, Stab, Bass, String
Presets: 64

Adam Szabo Sylenth1 Soundset
Keywords: EDM, Pluck, Lead
Presets: 64

Arksun Soundbank
Keywords: EDM, Lead
Presets: 128

Molgli's Twisted UK Hardcore Sylenth Soundset
Keywords: Hardcore, Hardstyle, Hands-Up
Presets: 131

DMS Sylenth1 Sound Bank
Keywords: EDM
Presets: 128

Project Theadora Soundset
Keywords: Club, Dance, Pop
Presets: 64

Sylenth1 Trance Soundset
Keywords: Trance, Lead, Bass, Pad
Presets: 128

Trance Euphoria Sylenth Trance Soundset Vol.2
Keywords: Trance, Lead, Bass, Pad, FX
Presets: 134

Sylenth1 Melodic Progressive House Soundset from Audiotent
Keywords: EDM, Progressive House, Pluck, Lead, Big Room
Presets: 64

Sylenth1 Trance Soundset Combo
Keywords: Trance, Lead, Pad, Bass
Presets: 262

Underground Filth Essentials
Keywords: EDM, Lead, Bass
Presets: 128

Wolsfraektroes Music: Essential Freak Sounds Sylenth Soundset
Keywords: Bass, Lead, EDM, Pluck, Big Room
Presets: 64

Nutty Trance Hardstyle Soundset
Keywords: Hardstyle, Hardtrance, Hardcore, Oldskool, Rave
Presets: 100

Gary FL Sylenth1 Essentials
Keywords: EDM, Club, Trance, Lead, Bass, Pad, FX
Presets: 64

Metteo Marini Progressive - Sylenth Soundset
Keywords: Progressive House, Lead, Arp, Bass, Pluck
Presets: 64

Neon Gravity
Keywords: Lead, Arp
Presets: 68

Essential Freak Sound 9-in-1
Keywords: EDM
Presets: 500

Designed Sounds Bundle 3-in-1
Keywords: EDM, Electro-House, Bass, Lead, Pluck
Presets: 248

Frantic Records Dimensions
Keywords: Trance
Presets: 128

Xenos Soundworks Sylenth Soundbanks
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: ~200

Euphoric Trance Bundle
Keywords: Trance
Presets: 262

Ultimate Dance Vol.1
Keywords: Dance, Wide Range
Presets: 256

Keywords: EDM
Presets: 128

Audiotent Melodic House
Keywords: Progressive House
Presets: 64

Equinox Sounds Soundwave
Keywords: Trance, Progressive, Techno, Tech
Presets: 128

Studio 54 Vol.1
Keywords: Electro / Minimal / Dutch House
Presets: 54

Studio 54 Vol.2 Keywords: Electro / Minimal / Dutch House
Presets: 54

Keywords: House, Bass, Chord
Presets: 64

Plughugger Club Tools vol 1
Keywords: Dance, Club, Lead, Stab, Arp, Bass, Seq
Presets: 128

Plughugger Dark Horse
Keywords: Dark, Deep, Disturbing, Distorted
Presets: 128

Plughugger Total Bass
Keywords: Bass, Modern Dance
Presets: 128

Sonic Elements Dragonfly
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: 164

Sylenth Signature v2
Keywords: Modern Dance, EDM, Bass, Lead, Pad
Presets: 182

Togeo Studios Complete 512
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: 512

Vengeance-Sound Various Banks
Keywords: EDM, Trance, Modern Dance
Presets: ~ 520

Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: 256

Fontana Soundbanks Bundle
Keywords: Dance, Bass, Lead, Pad, FX
Presets: 384

Free Soundbanks:

KvR Audio.com Sylenth1 Presets Database - requires registration

7aliens Sylenthlines
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: 512

Togeo Studios Freedom 128
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: 128


Anonymous said...

The problem is: All presets and the patches of the soundsets are nearly the same. Everyone did the same sounds that are already in the factory banks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. A good idea.

Can I request a similar Soundbank Round - up for Refx Vanguard.


Greeg said...

request accepted :)

and I disagree that every presets are nearly the same. however I agree that Sylenth factory bank is one of the best (if not the best) factory banks ever (if you're into EDM / Trance). :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Greeg,


Anonymous said...


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