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Few days ago I read some forums and some guy had a problem: his wife wanted to learn to play the piano (on midi usb keyboard). Sure, normally you can just open your DAW, pick some VST Instrument via DAW Browser and play :) But what if your wife is not an IT expert (or even beginner ;) ) ?
Well, SAVIHost is your friend. It's a VST Host program, with all the basic stuff required (as well as some nice features, ie. ASIO support) and one feature that is perfect - it automatically loads "selected VST" on start so all your wife / girlfriend / cat ;) needs to do is to just double click .exe file (or better some icon) and actually play, without any problems. All you need to do is to rename SaviHost.exe to the name of the plugin's dll name. If, for example, the Plugin is called blabla.dll, savihost.exe has to be renamed to blabla.exe and it will automatically load blabla.dll on start.

ps. Of course, another option is to use some standalone (mostly commercial) plugins.

Download: SAVIHost


Rob Weber said...

I don't remember where I read this, but it works for me: If you set your .ddl's to automatically open with Savihost, you don't even have to rename the .exe file. Just doubleclick the .dll and it will automatically launch in Savihost. A nice time saver for people like me with too many freebies...

Greeg said...

ohh, great tip :)

GlyphTab said...

Nice post and easy to do tip.

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