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Vintage Trio - Sonik Synth 2, SampleTron, SampleMoog - V-Insanity Deal $99.95

Esoundz store offers IK Multimedia trio synths: Sonik Synth 2, SampleMoog, SampleTron for pretty amazing price. Normally, each product costs 229 $ (official IK Multimedia store) but with this deal, you can have these three synths for 99 $ or 50 $ each.
All instruments are sample based and weight around ... 14 GB. Sonik Synth 2 is the biggest one (8 GB), it contains sampled vintage synths such as Arps, Moogs, Obies, Jupiters, Gleeman, Voyetra, Serge, EMS Synthi, Prophets, Trons, Rhodes, Wurlies. SampleMoog contains samples from 16 Moog models and SampleTron Mellotrons, Chamberlins, and Optigans.

Actually, it was pretty hard to skip this deal. I didn't have enough funds so I decided to go with Sonik Synth 2. Is it worth ? Well, I've just downloaded it and only spent like 15 minutes so can't say anything about quality. But definitely the presets database is huge. IK claims that there are ... 5800 sounds. I assume that there are like hmm 1500-2000 unique sounds and then there are few variations of each sound + there are so called "combi" presets (you can easily layer presets to make one big "combi" preset - great), so yea, overall there may be something around 5800 sounds. And then add SampleMoog and SampleTron to it ;)

Well, I didn't like one thing. The GUI seems too small (it may be an advantage if you use laptop for example), especially preset browser is very small and it seems like there is no next/previous button so you need to use mouse a lot. At least the presets are nicely categorized and demo versions are available :)

More info: Esoundz - V-Insanity Deal (deadline is 18th August)


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