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reFX Vanguard: Soundbanks round-up 02

It's time for the another Soundbanks round-up - focused on requested reFX Vanguard virtual synth. The list contains 12 soundbanks distributed via official reFX website + additional 20 soundbanks / resources. Overall it translates into around 1500 official expansion presets + additional, damn I need a calculator ;), 2801.

If you know reFX Vanguard bank not listed here, post comments and I'll add it to the list. Also, feel free to read previous round-up: 01 dedicated to Lennar Digital Sylenth synth.

Commercial soundbanks:

Official Vanguard Expansions
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: around 1500 (!)

DMS reFX Vanguard Sounds Bundle
Keywords: Wide Range, EDM, Dance, Club, Bass, Lead
Presets: 380

Vengeance Vanguard Reloaded Vol. 1, 2
Keywords: Electro, Dirty, Dutch, House, Bass, Lead, Pad, FX
Presets: 2x 128

Deeper Love
Keywords: Pad, Arp, Lead, Funky, Deep
Presets: 128

Synthation Vanguard-Essentials
Keywords: Club, Trance, Lead, Pad, EDM
Presets: 128

Vanguard AvantGarde FX
Keywords: FX
Presets: 128

Vanguard Legacy
Keywords: Bread & Butter, Classic Synths
Presets: 128

Vanguard Xtra Moods
Keywords: Electronica, Chillout, Lounge, IDM
Presets: 128

Stallion Sounds Lead Expressions
Keywords: Lead, Screaming, Distorted
Presets: 128

Stallion Sounds Arps Fire
Keywords: Arp
Presets: 197

Stallion Sounds Gater Loves Arp
Keywords: Gate, Arp, Acid
Presets: 256

Stallion Sounds Sync Inside
Keywords: Sync, Rough, Lead
Presets: 64

Stallion Sounds Acid Salt
Keywords: Acid, Lead
Presets: 64

Pro-Sounds Genusis
Keywords: Arp, Lead, Pad, Atmosphere, Bass, Techno
Presets: 128

Xenos Soundworks No Trance
Keywords: Pop, Hip Hop, Lead, Bass
Presets: 128

Xenos Soundworks Quantum Consiousness
Keywords: Wide Range
Presets: 140

Monomade House Vanguard Presets
Keywords: EDM, Bass, Lead, Pad, Pluck
Presets: 64

Culture Electronic Trance World
Keywords: Old Trance
Presets: 158

Vanguard Electro Bass
Keywords: Bass, Club, EDM
Presets: 70

Waveformless Phoenix
Keywords: Vintage Synths, Bass, EBM
Presets: 128

Freeware soundbanks:
KvR Audio (Requires Registration)


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