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Sopa Pipa Acta MegaUpload ... and Busta Rhymes

I guess that most of you know a little bit about SOPA, PIPA, ACTA law proposals. But then, there was also a MegaUpload sharing service shut down. Probably, these two cases are not connected but I had a feeling that there had to be more behind it. I mean, why artists did support MegaUpload ? There were hundreds or mp3 distributed illegally so why support such initiative ?

The key point of all this stuff are ... paid accounts. With paid accounts on sharing services you're able to upload some files and when people download it, you get paid. Normally, everyone assumes that such paid accounts are used to upload tons of illegal material by some internet geek. But what if an artist put there his own work ? People will download it and ... he'll get paid. According to American's rapper Busta Rhymes tweets, thanks to MegaUpload, he was able to get 90 % off of every dollar despite the music being downloaded 4 free...

1st of all I am soooo proud of my brother @THEREALSWIZZZ 4 being apart of creating something (MEGAUPLOAD) that could create the most powerful way 4 artist 2 get 90% off of every dollar despite the music being downloaded 4 free...

With labels and companies doin' deals with Spotify and many other companies like it who doesn't give us shit continue 2 do what they do and blatantly show us how much they value the artist with doing deals of such disrespect and lack of value 4 our content...

I am proud 2 stand next 2 my brother @THEREALSWIZZZ and fight the good fight...Our freedom is truly being fucked with in a very significant way and I strongly suggest 2 all artist especially the 1's Swizz repped 4 comes out & reps 4 him!!!


What Busta is pointing out is that services like Megaupload - while it may be run by some sketchy individuals and probably crossed the legal line in some cases - are actually a great new business model for artists, while also being the future of distribution. It's a great way to distribute, make money, and let fans get the works for free. And that's why the major labels are so freaked out by cyberlockers. It's not because there's so much infringement on there, but because it's a system whereby artists can get paid and can better distribute their own works to fans... without signing an indentured servitude contract with a label, which never pays any royalties. (via techdirt.com)

And that is why all these SOPA, PIPA, ACTA law proposals happen. Big companies, labels want to change the law so again they'll be able to make millions of dollars by promoting their artists. The problem (or blessing) is that the artists seem not too excited about it anymore ;)

Some would say - ok fine, everyone wants to earn millions of dollars ;) But the real problem is that not only they want to make millions of dollars but ... they want total control which leads to monopoly. And it's not only about making monopoly in virtual life. For example european ACTA law proposal which is, generally speaking, an european version of SOPA, disallows generic drugs. A generic drug is a "drug product that is comparable to brand/reference listed drug product in dosage form, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics, and intended use.". The main difference is that "generic drug" does not come from big Pharmaceutical corporation, but often it is made by some smaller, local company and as a result generic drug can be much cheaper and much more affordable to local people. Big corporations don't want such competition. They don't want free market, they want total control and monopoly. So, these all law proposals affect "real life" as well.

Article: Busta Rhymes Backs Megaupload, Says Record Labels Are The Real Criminals


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's been three days since this post and MegaUpload has already been seized by the government. I'm a little freaked out right now.

Greeg said...

Well, they did this before I posted. Funny thing, few other websites just changed "their" business model and don't allow to "share" files. Looks like current law offers enough of possibilities to shut down server / cloud so SOPA / ACTA are not needed or it's not their purpose.

Anonymous said...

Every day is another step. The funny thing is that people just don't seem to care. I don't think the general population will even start to get it until they take away our guns. And even then I wonder.

Even if they do it will probably be too late at that point. Which is why it's being saved til last ;)

Anonymous said...

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