Synth Britannia - 1:30h video

Depeche Mode, OMD, Pet Shop Boys - Synth Pop generation documentary Watch

15 interesting synths

Virtual synths that somehow went under the radar Read article

NI Kontakt instruments

Free and affordable NI Kontakt libraries Read more

Sylenth EDM Soundset

165 modern presets, created by me, for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth. Visit

400 Modern presets for V-Station

Tons of presets that will bring a new life to the Novation V-Station synth Visit

Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 presets

155 Synth / lead and bass presets inspired by many modern electronica genres. Visit

Free Organ synths / samples

Best, free organ synths / multisamples Read more

Soft Synths released in 2011

Interesting soft synths released in 2011 Read more

Free String Machine vsts

Freeware String Machine plugins Read more

Sub Focus - Timewarp lead in NI Massive

Nice video tutorial about recreating a lead sound from drum & bass track: Sub Focus - Timewarp. I like it :)

Making Aggressive Dubstep Bass in Ableton Live using just Operator

Making an Aggresive Dubstep Bass sound in Ableton Live using just Ableton Operator synth (+ Live's plugins).

Dubstep Scream in NI Massive

Yep, another "dubstep Scream" sound design tutorial using Native Instruments Massive synth ...

Transformers Sound Design in NI Massive

This is a little tutorial I did to show you how to make a transformers sound or something that sounds like Muffler in Massive

Interesting... :)

Classic Tracks | Green Day - Basket Case

Another interesting article originally published in Sound On Sound February 2011 magazine - history behind Green Day - Basket Case.

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?” asked Green Day in the opening lines of their song ‘Basket Case’. For 16 million people, the answer was apparently ‘yes’...

Article: Green Day - Basket Case | Classic Tracks

Rhodetron 73 - Mark 1 stage piano - NI Kontakt / EXS24 library

While I do like freeware stuff a lot, I totally understand that there are tons of commercial products too - both expensive and much more affordable. For example Rhodetron 73 - NI Kontakt / EXS24 sample library which introduces Mark 1 stage piano sampled through 60's valve preamps to worn tape at 44khz/24 bit.
No, I don't have NI Kontakt and I don't have this sample library. Yes, I do like audio demo a lot :)

I'm sort of obsessed with a good dirty Rhodes sound, and I've produced something close with 4-5 effects on a Scarbee Rhodes. Your Rhodetron doesn't need any FX and it's better than what I've come up with. These synths 'sound' like synths. You've been able to accurately reproduce analog warmth in the digital realm better than any other soft synth I've ever played.

J.S. Greenier - songwriter / film & television composer - "The New Republic" (2011 Feature Film), "Whale Wars" (Docu-series).

What's more, the price seems very reasonable - 5.99 UK pounds.

More info: Rhodetron 73 - Mark 1 stage piano (Sampleism)

80s Italo-Disco Style Performance

Hehe, it seems that I love 80s Italo Disco, Synth Pop. The first video uses E-mu Emulator (orchestra hit, Synclavier), Roland Juno-60 (sequenced synth bass, synth strings), Moog Memorymoog (synth brass, syn vox) and Oberheim DMX (drum pattern). The second video is all about Jupiter-8, OB-Xa, Yamaha DX7 and drumulator.

Nice performance and overall there are plenty of such videos on SynthMania.com YouTube channel. (via Synthtopia)

In The Studio With The Thrillseekers

Veteran trance lovers probably remember legendary trance track called Synaesthesia, produced by the Thrillseekers. Well, if you're interested about gear the Thrillseekers uses, or the general workflow when in "producing / remixing mode" ;) watch the videos :)

Free Soundbanks for Novation Ultranova synth

Novation has released a new soundbank for Novation Ultranova synth - Flash Guru vol 2. Volume 2 is a collection of famous synth patches from the '60s and '70s along with new sonic creations for the 21st Century. Feel free to check other, free soundbanks available at Novation website.

Download: Novation Ultranova Soundbanks

How to make basic pluck sound using NI FM8

Just some sound design video tutorial for Native Instruments FM8 users - basic pluck sound.

Classic Tracks | A-Ha - Take On Me

Looks like I'm getting old or something because quite often I like to read some interesting articles instead of watching another YouTube videos ;) For example, I like "Classic Tracks" section from 'Sound On Sound' magazine. Each article introduces one classic track and shows the history behind it. For example: A-ha - "Take On Me" synth‑pop classic by the Norwegian trio A‑ha that topped the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number two in the UK in the autumn of 1985.
‘Take On Me’ was a huge hit, but its birth was a difficult one, taking three years, three versions and a pioneering video to finally give A-ha their first chart success.

Article: A-ha 'Take On Me' | Classic Tracks

Making a Dirty Sequenced Bass in NI Massive

Before Christmas I bought NI Massive (50 % off promotion) virtual synth, but to be honest, I didn't have time to fully explore it. Luckily, during last few days I watched tons of YouTube videos showing Massive in action. As a result I picked around 20-30 interesting synthesis tutorials and who knows, maybe I'll learn something useful and ... you too :) Here's the first one - making a dirty sequences bass using NI Massive.

Making samples with sample creator - Groove Criminals.

Ok, maybe it's not the most engaging video (there are no dubstep presets here ;) ) but if you're asking yourself: "where I can get some cool samples?" or if you're interested in creating samples from real things then this video may be very helpful. Originally the video appeared in Future Music (FM249) magazine.

Who really invented the first Digital Vinyl System

Interesting article trying to answer the question: who really invented the first Digital Vinyl System. "There has been some controversy in the last few years over the question of who actually invented the concept behind the Digital Vinyl System (DVS) currently on the market today, which was first launched as Final Scratch). My name is Steven Carroll, I was the primary electronic engineer / main designer / sole director of Intimidation and during the nineties I designed 4 Intimidation DJ mixers which were renowned for their unique and innovative features (the most notorious feature probably being 'Kill Switches' and 'Rotary Kills' a concept now used everywhere) and each of my designs and features were widely plagiarized by the rest of the audio / DJ manufactures in this space."

Article: Who Invented Digital Vinyl

1000 Facebook Followers

I'm not a huge fan of Facebook (probably because my work heavily depends on using computer so naturally, after work I prefer different activities :) ) but still it's worth mentioning that Vst Cafe Facebook profile reached over 1000 followers. Next step ? 10000 - ok, this should take a while ;) No, seriously, if you use facebook a lot and would like to read Vst Cafe news on your facebook wall, feel free to join us :)

Lady Gaga - Poker Face, Synth1 Recreation

Well, who says that you need Zebra, Sylenth or other commercial plugins ? Freeware Synth1 sounds professional too :)

EDM Factory soundbank for Sylenth1 released

Shameless promotion ;) I spent last few weeks creating a soundbank for Lennar Digital Sylenth1 synth. I ended up with around 165 presets suited for Electronic Dance Music genres: 23 pad sounds, 18 bass sounds, 25 big-room pluck sounds and ... about 100 lead / synth sounds because I love designing leads. Those who know my soundbanks, shouldn't be surprised - the overall style remains the same. Below you can hear 9 minute audio demo - one instance (well, there are one of two exceptions and two instances are used) without any tricks, additional effectc etc. To be honest I hate creating audio demos - after programming so many presets I often lack creativity when it comes to demo. Or maybe it's not that bad... :)

More info: Designasound.com - EDM Factory for Sylenth1

WaveShaper MR-10 Grey Matter - very affordable drum samples

Waveshaper creates amazing, small, but very affordable electronic drum sample packs. For example the latest one - MR-10 Grey Matter comes from Yamaha MR-10 - a compact analogue drum machine from early 80s. "This tiny grey box has a rather characteristic sound, with a deep kick (somewhat reminiscent of the infamous 909) and a quite unique snare. The tone knob lets you shape the sound of the kit, and it is very efficient on the toms and snare. It sounds 200% analogue, but not like the usual suspects, so this carefully recorded WaveShaper pack will fit in any of your music productions, from electro pop to doom exotica !"

Price ? 1.40 $

MR10 Grey Matter - Hyboid Demo by waveshaperkit

Feel free to check other packs, ie. released few days ago Soul Sisters Trio which introduce three vintage drum machines - Boss DR-55, The Soundmaster SR-88, The Amdek RMK-100

More info: Waveshaper - Electronic Drum Sample Packs

Dr. Bob's SoundSchool Indiegogo Campaign

We’re here today not just because people like synths, or electronic music, or even music itself, but because the advancement of technology depends on kids learning about science and math.

That was certainly the history of Bob Moog himself. What he got as a student opened up the doors to the knowledge and interests that gave the world Moog synthesizers. Dr. Moog himself long credited his education – as a youngster at Bronx High School of Science in New York City, studying physics at Queens College, Colombia, and Cornell, and even making kit Theremins and discovering electronics – for what would come. Look to any other synth pioneer, or modern inventor or software developer, and you’ll find a similar story.

That’s not to say we need to turn the entire population of the planet into synth builders. But what music technologists do inspires science just as science inspires music. A lot of the young boys and girls who played with Theremins – or, later, Moog synths – went on to advancements in everything from space exploration to medicine. People accomplished amazing things motivated in part by the politics of the Cold War. Imagine what we could do motivated by the desire to do new things – and make new sounds.

All of this makes the mission of the Moog Foundation vitally important. Led by Bob Moog’s daughter Michelle and an elite crack team of synth experts, they’ve already begun reaching kids in schools around Asheville, North Carolina and Jamaica. They’re using synths as a window into science and physics. (Waves underly huge amounts of the universe, and it’s tough to find a better way to understand those waves than playing an electronic musical instrument. A funding drive to take this local project national is about to run out of time, and it’s well short of its funding goal. So now’s a great time to look at the project and consider giving even a small amount of support.

You’ve got only a little time left: at the end of Thursday March 1, just before midnight, Eastern time, this fund drive is over.)
(via Create Digital Music)