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Genesis CM virtual analogue synth

First recommended synth is Genesis CM, created by Ummet Ozcan. It’s available exclusively with every issue (among with ~ 40 other plugins) of Computer Music Magazine (since issue 127), which costs 5.99 pounds. But it’s really worth – the quality is as good as commercial VSTI’s.

At the beginning, it may look not that great – it has only 2 oscillators, 2 lfos, reverb, delay – standard stuff. But it’s not about the numbers. The sound this plugin produces is really massive – the author certainly knows a lot about sound design 🙂



*2 Oscillators with standard waveshapes sine, saw, triangle, pulse, white noise and pink noise.
*Mix balance between osc 1 & 2, transpose options in octaves en semi tones,PW control,portamento
*Voice seperate mode, seperate total voices of each oscillator to play in dual layers in octaves & semi notes


* Total voice options, Quad mode/4 voices or Full mode/22 voices (that’s the best feature) for each oscillator, play up to 176 voices simoultaneously
* Detune options, Fine tuning, voice output controls, stereo/mono output option
* Fm function to modulate oscillator 2 with oscillator 1


* Each oscillator has its own amp envelope, adsr link option to link adsr 1 with adsr 2
* Adsr 3 extra mod envelope selectable to different destinations osc 1/2 or both pitch, FM amount ,Detune amount, LFO 1 speed and Filter/Sequencer


* Dual filters, each oscillator has its own filter, PHS, LP, HP and BP, link option to link filter 1 and 2
* Extra filter options chorus effect with depth en frequency controls


* 2 LFOS with basic waveshapes and selectable to different destinations, cutoff of either or both filters,pitch of either or both oscillators, FM level, PW amount, Detune and Amplitude
* Phase control, Tempo sync, Trigger options, Sync to sequencer


* Build in Reverb & Delay fx with color controls
* Build in Phaser fx selectable 5 stages
* Build in Distortion with 3 types soft, medium and hard
* Extra modulator also useable as a Chorus fx or Crusher


* Filter controlled step sequencer controlled from adsr 3, 8 steps with 36-/36+ semi tone controls for each oscillator & glide amount for each osc

More info: http://www.mikemadera.com/ummet/ummo/public_html/cms/

In this demo you can hear the sound of Genesis CM:

ColourEq by DDMF

The time has come to introduce the first vst effect on my blog. I use it a lot, i like it and i can really recommend it. It’s created by DDMF – company that specializes in high quality equalizer plugins for Windows and Mac OSX.

ColourEQ comes with five bands of “super parametric” peaking filters, which means, that there are four knobs per band instead of three as in ordinary parametric EQ. The autors state that both filter types of these bands cannot be reproduced by any other IIR EQ.

* low CPU usage
* internal 64 bit processing
* resizeable window size
* complete control over GUI colors 😉

Well, from my perspective it uses almost zero CPU, it sounds great, it has clean and simple design, i can control it easily with automap controllers such as Novation Nocturn. That’s the EQ i was looking for…

The best thing is … the price. No, it’s not free – but you can … choose your own price !!! You can pay ie. 1 Euro, or you can pay 10 Euro or even give them Ferrari via paypal 😉 It’s your own choice – if it’s worth for you only 1 Euro, fine.

Of course, you can download demo version to judge it – i recommend that. It helps to set your own price 🙂

I didn’t use other equalizers from DDMF but i’m sure it’s a nice stuff too. There’s new edition of mastering equalizer LP10 which is the first EQ that comes with fully adjustable phase response (at least authors say so 😉 ). There’s also IIEQ PRO “designed to deliver great quality and very low CPU usage”

More info http://ddmf.eu


TAL-Vocoder is a vintage vocoder emulation with 11 bands that emulates the sound of vocoders from the early 80s. It includes analog modeled components in combination with digital algorithms such as the SFFT (Short-Time Fast Fourier Transform).
This vocoder does not make a direct convolution of the carrier and modulation signal as other digital vocoders maybe do. It includes an envelope follower for every of the eleven bands. This vocoder is optimized for voice processing and includes some algorithms for consonants to make the voice more intelligible.

The carrier signal is a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) with a Pulse, Saw, Noise and SubOsc. But its also possible to use the left stereo input as carrier. This way every sound source can be used as carrier signal. This plug-in supports every sample rate.

Overall, there are not many free vocoders – maybe 2-3. TAL-Vocoder is pretty nice and fun plugin. Additional bonus is nice presets created by electro legends Dynamix II.

Download http://kunz.corrupt.ch/?Products:VST_TAL-Vocoder

Synth1 by Ichiro Toda

Synth1 is one of the greatest freeware vst instruments on planet earth 🙂 Functionally it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth, with the following characteristics:
* 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation,sync,modulation envelope
* 4 types of filters, distortion
* 2LFO(synchronized with host)
* Arpeggiator (synchronized with host)
* Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger
* Legato mode, portamento
* 16 notes polyphony
* 128 presets

It’s nicely optimized for light CPU load – you can run 10, 20 instances of this synth and your CPU will still be fresh 😉 The sound quality is of course very good.

Demos (author: bWWd0):

Download: Synth1

VST Cafe Starts

Well, i just want to say hello 🙂 On VST Cafe blog you’ll find (very soon) many free (and / or cheap), legal VST instruments, VST effects – maybe even some presets. My goal is not quantity (there’s great kvraudio plugins database for this 🙂 ), but quality. I will present only quality freeware plugins, probably with some examples.